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Here's an update on our progress with a lighting solution. The system is now complete and ready for some testing. Installed are four turn signals, left and right, a rear red running light with a switch-activated stop light, a front halogen light with a 35 watt bulb, a loud horn, and neon and led accent lighting, everything 12 volt. The engine is the grubee kit. The solution required both mechnical and electrical engineering, and some of the parts need to be professionally manufactured; they can not be made by a hobbiest.
The solution is not low cost, but it does convert a bicycle with a motor, to a true street legal moped. Next week, we will continue testing for about a week, testing all the functions, including the motor. To supply all the parts, we'll have to find a manufacturer to make very precise parts. As a lower cost solution, we are thinking of offering an LED kit powered by rechargeable batteries. The headlight is now halogen, and all the other lighting is LED, to stay within the 80-90 watt specification. At this point, we have much more lighting on this bike than the Whizzer, which does not include turn signals, or LED accent lighting. The bike has been equipped with more lighting to demonstrate the solution and a video will be made and posted showing all the lighting on at night. I will write a provisional patent before this posting.
Mike S
The solution is not low cost

Good luck, I'm out........

they can not be made by a hobbiest

Dont underestimate the MBC forum members

We don't underestimate anyone, but some parts are simply too complicated and require special equipment to manufacture. Unless you own a cnc machine and know how to design and manufacture a circuit board, these kinds of parts need to be made by companies set up for special manufacturing operations. Converting a bicycle into a true street legal motorbike is not for everyone, but it can be accomplished with a few supplied parts, and the result of seeing your new motorbike with all the lighting of a
Harley is thrilling. Mike
This is a 12V battery based system I assume.What type?, what capacity,how is it kept charged?Tell us more.
Please don't assume anything until we describe the system. I am coming very close and just need a little bit more time for testing and to write a patent. We're planning to make a nighttime video, showing all the lighting. Mike S
I very much doubt that you can write a patent application,for that you need the help of a competent patent attorney.What you can do is to maintain a note book documenting your work and have it witnessed. Legal help is not cheap,it requires patent searches etc.Then,if you have a patent granted, you may have to defend it against possible infringement,it's usually better to sell out,if it's commercially valuable.Litigation is expensive.
Whats with all the updates and no meat? It's like you're teasing a dog with a juicy steak. Throw down some tender information or hold off until you're ready to say "fetch."
Turn signals, electric horn, brake light, if I wanted a scooter or a legal moped Id buy one. To me theres a line that if its crossed why bother with a mab just go out and get a motorcycle.
Just a thought, we have kids here in bcs using 9.6 volt rc car batteries. to power neon lights on their bikes. has any on thoughtof that. from my experance most auto bulbs and acc will work with 6-12 volts. You would think that with a little engunity, som leds, and a soldering iron some one could build a 9.6 volt battery based lighting system.( another idea for"overkill" just what Ineed)