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    Well I finally got it up and running but, boy what a mess. I have a nineteen nighties something Giant Frame with a Trek 700c fork and a new Skyhawk 66cc engine.

    I set up the bike with a Kings adapter so I could use a disk brake rear hub and have a bit more "gear" for speed. I have a 36 tooth sprocket and it does seem to go at a good clip. I wound up paying more for the rear wheel than I did for the motor.

    To push that gear I installed a "tuned" pipe from Sick Bike Parts and that made my little bike really go! (I modified that pipe to it did not hit the crank and I set it up so the smoke would go away from the rear wheel. I did this by adding four inches to the end of the pipe and then when I replaced the silencer I put it at a five degree angel)

    The Giant mountain bike frame had a seat tube that was way to big to fit the mounts that came with the kit, so I made my own. and that would have worked OK but I got tired of having my pulleys disintegrate as well as all the spokes on the engine side of my wheel.( I build wheels and have a full bike shop at my home including frame jig and torch) So since I have vertical drop outs I thought I could move the motor forward to tighten the chain. Guess what the mounts broke.

    Now I have a good excuse to change the frame a bit so I replaced the rear dropouts with track type and I welded a derailleur hanger off the pedal side

    So the next thing I did was to pullout my spare engine that I kept just incase. I only used the motor and the CDI that came with the kit. I got it all hooked up and nothing... NOW WHAT?

    OK so I replaced the spark plug and shielded wire with the one that came in the kit and the cheep plastic boot broke, Arrrg!

    Next, I went to the auto parts store and got a new spark plug wire installed it and nothing. So I looked at the sight here and one guy had magneto problems so I swapped magnetos with one of my old ones that worked and nothing.

    Finally I swapped out the NEW CDI that came with the kit for the old one that I had. The problem with the old kit was that the connecters were damaged and so all I could do was to strip the wires and wrap them around the new connectors. and then it took right off.

    I got about two miles before the connections rattled loose and had to pedal it home to strip and solder the wires correctly.

    Once again It takes right off I go around the block and park it in the garage only to come back to see a pool of gas below the bike. Turns out that my old carburetors shut off valve is not working so after I tear it apart and unsuccessfully try to fix it I replace it with the new one.

    I think I have everything working the way I want now and if I can keep things going until I brake this one in I am hoping to get quite a few miles out of this one.

    Here is a link to the pictures http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=308646#post308646

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    Well, look at it this way, gave you a story to tell:rolleyes7::ack2:
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    looking at the pics....are you about 9 feet tall?
    you have the seat up about as high as it can go.
    how can that be comfortable?
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    not that tall but

    the thing that is different about this bike is that the seat is higher by about six inches than the handlebars. This gives you a good aerodynamic body position much like time trial bikes.

    I am a little over six feet and my legs are slightly bent at the bottom of the stroke. the frame size is about eighteen inches but the head tube is only about six inches long. while waiting for parts I did some coast down test with a buddy of mine. He had a new Trek mountain bike and I had this. I just walked away from him. I didn't have the gears to pedal any faster, but I didn't need them:grin5:.

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