Update on Amanda Wienckowski (my friend)

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    Just to refresh memories, Amanda was a very good friend of mine and thanks to MBC, I contacted her family through this site. I was able to give details to her Parents involving this crime, but the fight still continues. I can't believe this level of corruption exists in Buffalo, several on this site know my real name. I will attest all of this is true. I appreciate all of the support, especially, once again from the Mods who allowed the original post to exist.

    Amanda was burried without her internal organs in effort to hinder private investigation.

    It's my firm opinion, the Cities Leadership is trying to cover something up, for a reason bigger than "they just screwed up".

    For further information, please join "justice for Amanda" on Facebook

    I am contacting you not only in interest of my friend Amanda Wienckowski, but also in simple quest for truth. You may recall, Amanda was the local girl found frozen, badly beaten, naked in a Buffalo Housing Authority garbage tote one month after she went missing in December of 2008. This upcoming January ninth of 2011 will mark two years since she was found and there could be no more evil done in this case even if Buffalo made a deliberate effort.

    Despite rumors cast by City of Buffalo and County of Erie leaders, no proof exists Amanda was in Buffalo by her own “free will”. Multiple autopsy reviews conclude (except Buffalo ’s), Amanda was given the “date rape drug” GHB in a huge dose; unlike the published finding of opiate overdose.
    Suppression of evidence began early. Several expensive Court appearances later, The County of Erie and City of Buffalo was forced to supply their evidence to a West Coast Pathologist (Dr. Sylvia Comparini) under strict order that nobody else view the materials. Admitted in Supreme Court under review by Justice Gerald Whalen, the County revealed fact that Amanda received an unfair and totally incomplete autopsy. Chief Medical Examiner, James Woytash subsequently obviously resigned for a cause? How did family and friends become responsible to pay for a service that taxpayers were admittedly (on Court record) bilked out of?

    The Supreme Court order stipulates the case files, DNA evidence, crime scene pictures and medical examiner’s notes be returned in 60 days and the clock began ticking on November thirtieth after long awaited courier transport of the court ordered items from Buffalo to Los Angeles. Dr. Comparini wrote Amanda’s family that she doesn’t have personnel or time resources to reach conclusion for the second autopsy under the County’s requested rigid time and viewing constraints to properly conclude the case She then has requested a largely discounted additional $4,500 because she is the sole individual to be able to do the work but can’t assign the task to employees in her lab. Dr. Comparini has been extremely fair in extending discounts due to the nature of the case with the path towards the truth.

    Various local government administration “Top Brass” denied any violence or presence of DNA , although BPD Officers who found her agreed with Comparini who noted choke marks and evidence of brutal rape. It’s obvious that a vicious homicide occurred and yet the County has hidden in which was made as wildly unsubstantiated claim (of an overdose) for some reason? This has been a gross travesty of justice and major misuse of tax dollars in not truthfully and completely solving the obvious cause of death and those connected with its occurrence. We are asking to please lend us your help in raising funds so that the truth comes out and fair comes of this family’s misery. In the quest, we hope and pray that this same fate is not present or bestowed on any one else’s loved one cloaked under the guise of being thorough or complete.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    "Justice for Amanda", (comprised of family, friends and Citizens with common sense)
    P.S. I beg that you please not allow them to put Amanda in the ground, ignoring fact of disappearance and death. Nobody deserves this treatment after they’ve been killed

    Contributions toward fighting this injustice are very gratefully accepted at any Bank of America under the “Justice for Amanda” account. Court action, after Court action has left us penniless.

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    Please pass this around! Numbers listed are in the 716 area code.

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    Things have turned absolutely desperate here. With only a short time before medical evidence has to be returned, we are still very well short of our goal in getting Amanda’s autopsy complete.

    News has crossed the wire of a few small donations, I don’t know if they were as result of this site? If they were, thank you so much and please take credit, every little bit helps!

    I can’t reiterate enough that Amanda’s family is flat busted broke, her Mom works several jobs but this whole ordeal has taxed their finances to the brink.

    Any help you could lend to “Justice for Amanda” at any Bank of America is greatly appreciated.
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    if it were my daughter that guy would be in big trouble.would love to kidnap and take him out to sea for a swim.

    thats no excuse vtec.

    if this were the cc you would hear what i really think of him.
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    Something that rotten would give a shark heartburn.
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    This one quote from the story really relfects the lack of compassion our society has.

    Hope there is a resolution to this Mort.
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    I have the same sympathy for her as I have for a person that kills themself driving a car drunk. Actions have consequences..
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    There is a difference. A drunk driver causes his own death.

    Show me a drunk driver stripped naked and found in a dumpster and then you might be closer to having a point.

    No matter what she did or was, the fact remains that somewhere out there is someone capable of leaving her the way she was found. That should be the focus.....where is the creep who let her die (if she did overdose) stripped her, let her body freeze then throw her away like garbage.

    Vtec.....if actions have consequences, then when you do something wrong.....should you be punished, no matter what?
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    Somebody who puts themselves in this situation, to specifically trade "drugs for sex" is every bit as negligible as a drunk driver IMO. What about trading drugs for sex sounds safe whatsoever?

    When I do something wrong... I get punished. Its called cause and effect and nobody is exempt.

    What you are assuming is that this was somehow her first time doing this... By what was said in the article it sounded like she did this sort of thing often. It is most likely that she got away scotch free many times before, how many times do you have to strike before you are called out?

    I am a firm believer in universal retributive justice.... Or Karma. Let that sink in a while before you insult me any more.
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    Wow.....Show me where the insults are.
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    Stan, thanks for being sensible and taking a level headed look at this. The drunk driver analogy is a perfect fit! He had a DUI in 93' another in 2004, yup, he deserves to wind up in a can like that. On to the next case.

    The difference here is that Amanda never stood before a Judge for prostitution, nor does her arrest record reflect this activity. The accusations of such were made by the last two guys to see her. Both admit a slue of Felony charges on that night in connection with her disappearance. Neither were arrested!!!

    There is not a shred of proof that she was in Buffalo by her own "free will", especially given the GHB levels which are far to high for any kind of recreational use. She was found with enough to down a Rhino in her. She was 5'2" 110 lbs. She was given at least 200mg (enough to down all 3 of us).

    At current, both the Chief Medical Examiner (latter stepped down) and District Attorney have been caught lying to the City about this case. None of the Cities black leadership spoke out about the hate speak of Garner in that letter! No one is pursuing investigation as possibly being motivated by hate!

    The saddest part is that I knew her well and she was not prejudice at all.

    Garner is currently on the run for warrants and I hope takes up residence next door to V-tec.
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    What is absolutely absurd in this case, is the fact that James Woytash resigned. How a Chief Medical Examiner could resign in the middle of an investigation with support of The Erie Health Commissioner (his Boss by appointment), is beyond me. This puke will get to keep his taxpayer retirement although he blatantly lied about his findings! Even worse, there is no taxpayer upheaval!

    Woytash is as big a piece of dog dirt as Garner in my book!

    YNN News in Buffalo showed pictures of the severe bruising upon Amanda's neck and body. These pictures were taken in California after her remains were smuggled out of NY by her Parents. There was no comment on the Autopsy done in Buffalo on this fact.

    Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (Commander of BPD) refuses comment on these issues and is instead rewarded with a Super Bowl Party at the White House!
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    Don't know who could pull it in out there, but "Straight Talk" with Kathy Weppner on WBEN 930 AM on your radio dial, tomorrow Saturday the 19TH AT NOON til Two pm. Program about Amanda with call-ins welcome.
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    Yes, Eastern time Stan... If you are unable to listen live??? The show will be taped and put on an internet link for latter listening. Dennis Delano is a Buffalo "cold case" detective who was fired from his job when he went to the media.

    BPD locked up several innocent people and the Courts sent them to jail for 10's of years.

    Delano proved their innocence by going to the media when Top Brass wouldn't listen. He was latter fired for this heroic move. The Mafia is alive and well in Buffalo, I am sad to report. This man should have been given the medal of honor!