Update to the $110.00 Bicycle trailer

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    Update on $110.00 Bike Cargo Trailer

    As some of you know I purchased a $110.00 Aosom Eliet II Cargo Trailer .
    Bike Trailer 2.jpg
    After 30 Days of use this is my update on how it has preformed.
    Over all I’m happy and would buy it again.
    Yes I would recommend the trailers to others.

    Even though I’m happy there is a small but easy and cheap to repair problem with the trailer , and that is with the trailers wheel bearings.

    Premium Wheel Bearing photo
    wheel bearing.jpg

    To put it simple the wheel bearings are cheap trash and will fall apart on you .
    The good news is you can replace them at your local auto parts store, with a set of premium wheel bearings for around $10-$20.00 a tire ($5-$10.00 a wheel bearing 2 wheel bearings need per tire)
    Or a seller on eBay sell them for $3.00 or $6.00 a single premium wheel bearing, or you can buy a 10 pack of there premium wheel bearings for $12.00 store brand or $24.00 name brand .

    A word to the wise I was going to spend the $24.00 until I found out the seller is the manufacture of both of the premium wheel bearing the only difference in the 2 premium wheel bearing is the $24.00 premium wheel bearing are stamped with a name brand and are sold at your local auto/motorcycle parts store and is sold my auto/motorcycle manufactures like Ford Honda as aftermarket name brand parts.
    The $12.00 premium wheel bearings are the store brand sold to auto/motorcycle manufactures like Ford Honda to put in there new cars trucks and motorcycles.
    Other then that there the exact same premium wheel bearing, just 1 stamped with the name brand the other with out the stamp.
    I myself just could not see spending twice as much, just for a stamped on name you will never see.
    I have now replaced all 4 wheel bearing, the trailer is great well worth the time and money even the extra $12.00
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  2. darwin

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    Did the original bearings just install without a cage, individually?
  3. wally

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    Looks like you have the metal cover bearing or commonly known as ZZ or 2Z, depending on price, I would prefer the RS rubber seal bearings. :)
  4. Samdallas214

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    they were caged just real cheaply,
    looked like the new ones, there just a far cheaper bearing.
    the ones I replaced them with are heavy duty wheel bearing more for cars, trucks,motorcycle, and industrial machinery then for a bike trailer.
    I could of replaced them with the same light duty wheel bearing for $1.00 each but I would just replaced them over and over.

    and it was only $12.00 it fix

  5. Samdallas214

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    The rubber seal bearing are a little cheaper and would of worked fine I'm sure, but are not a durable as the ones I got.
    Even the rubber seal bearing would be a 100% improvement then the low end one that comes installed on the trailer.

    I thank the bearing that come on the trailer are more for bicycle speeds them MB speeds, and that's why they fell apart