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    ok as longly awaited by the folks i know and those i dont my original plan was to use a straight bar columbia bike for the frame, workman wheels with the rims painted to match bike, a monarch springer rear fender from a monarch/firestone super deluxe which i bobbed, handlebars were ww2 genuine issue, all metal was painted john deere green, the seat, pedals, tires are white. got ready to install engine and low and behold it didn't fit, ok so i switched out the crank and sproket to a much smaller '60's schwinn units and it still didn't fit. went to a bookstore after letting the bike sit for a while hoping the opening would grow, and some fellow had two of the bikes on the top of his car and he had used the new scwhinns for his build. don't really like the new schwinns but i did find a huffy(which makes the new schwinns) at walmart that was priced wrong $69.00. i've pulled off all of the stickers except the "head badge" and the forks. removed the fenders and chain guard, painted the insides rustoleum red (covers better than krylon) the topsides are then painted john deere green (to match the othe stuff i painted earlier) the fenders have a ridge that i have painted krylon fusion nickle(which almost matches the frame, i am lazy and didn't want to paint it) i've added vintage nos florescent red mud flaps, and a vintage nos battewry op taillight. a friend of mine said that i shouldn't connect the kill switch as it causes problems down the road so i ordered so mini bike grips from ebay and added red & green jewels to the ends, which look kind of funky but are definately different ( i saw some bike grips like this and was inspired), am like scooters so i am making a splash gaurd for the front similar to a honda cub, over kill but a lot of these bikes are starting to show up and i wanted something different, i may post pics when i am completely satisfied. i want this project done so i can take it to the motorcycle show in long beach ca this month hope to see more there, robert

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    Sounds like you're on the way.

    I'm not clear, though. Is it ride-able yet?
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    no not quite, should have it rumming tomorrow. then i have a friend egor (we call him dave) will do some engine work on it porting etc, so i can tell the difference between stock and modified.