Ebay Updated listing: BUILT 79cc Aluminum Framed Predator Custom Motorized Bicycle


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Oct 10, 2019
Scroll down to find the link to the video and more photos.

Here is the ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BUILT-79cc-Predator-Aluminum-Frame-with-Built-in-tank-Motorized-Bicycle/352820795157?hash=item5225c21715:g:ipYAAOSwutpdn9FM

This item will be shipped via Freight. You are more than welcome to come pickup the bike here in Orange, but for details on freight, please scroll to the bottom.

CUSTOM BUILT 79cc Predator Aluminum Frame with Built-in tank Motorized Bicycle. This motorized bike is being sold (for legal purposes) as a display piece. However, I can and have ridden it for the past 3 years now with no complaints, it is a fantastic bike! If you do choose to ride the bike, I hold no liability as to what happens to you. I did not build the bike, however, the bike's builder is not responsible for any liability as well. You ride at your own risk. As I said before, this item is simply being sold a display piece.

The bike runs and rides great! Can get it up to 43mph, take offs are great (no pedaling - lots of torque), tires are durable and solid, the frame lets a 5'10 guy like myself sit very comfortably. I have had guys from 6'7 to 5'1 ride this thing and they were all more than comfortable on it.

Lets get down to the fun stuff:

Upgraded Hi-Flow Mikuni Carburetor

Upgraded Hi-Flow Intake Manifold

Upgraded Hi-Flow Exhaust with FMF Muffler

NOS Schwinn Mesinger Seat (Very comfortable)

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame with no cracking (very very strong frame, light as well).

Built-in 1.5 liter Gas Tank

79cc Predator Engine (with RPM Governor removed)

AGK Heavy Duty Jackshaft (AffordableGoKarts.com)

56 tooth Manic Mechanic Sprocket w/ Sprocket Adapter

#41 Heavy-Duty Chain

Maxxis Hookworm Tires with ALL the tread still left on them

Hydraulic Front Disc Brake with 8 inch Rotor

Custom Laced HD 12 gauge front wheel with double-walled steel rim

11 Gauge HD Rear Wheel

Heavy Duty Cruise Slime Brand Filled Tubes for never having a puncture.

Heavy Duty Monark Springer 2 Forks

Sigma Digital Speedometer

Accurate Tachometer

CustomMotoredBicycles.com Extended Bottom Bracket with Metal Pedals (gives a nice wide stance and comfortable seating position).

Custom CNC machined Motor Mount (the engine never moves, it is solid and planted).

The bike has over $2000 in parts alone, letting it go for only $1500 is an amazing deal. I just, unfortunately, am moving out of my house and won't have room at the apartment. So it is sad, but it is time for it to go.

Please see here to watch a video of the bike being started up:

Please click here to see more photos:
Shipping: If you would like to pick it up, it is here in Orange, CA - 92867. Or I will put in in a shipping crate and can freight it to you wherever you may be. In understanding that, the total price for the freight calculated by ebay, may differ from the actual price. So when I get the final weight and cost, I will send you the final receipt and we can finish the final amount by you paying me privately through paypal.
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