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    So its been a while since i've posted anything on my whizzer, and i thought i'd post something new in the forums for everyone.

    The motor is finished being modded with everything except ported intake. I plan on doing a follow up on all the mods and performance difference when the whizzer is done.

    She started fine first time but was rough on idle. there was some black smoke so i know its running rich. I have an 84 jet i need to install and i still havent been able to run the modified auto clutch because im waiting for the new arm from whizzer.

    it sounds way meaner and stonger even though i haven't really opened the throttle up. i up to 25 mph down my street on only a quarter throttle.

    some tuning of the carb and a couple other things and the RKTWIZ is just about done.

    I also found the stock fenders so im thinking of putting those back on, after a little talk with the dremel. : )

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