updates on the recumbent trike build

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    these are all pics attached...gonna be a few
    got to the steering got stumped for a bit. got it figured now rain delay.
    heres the pics start to present.
    i have to get a few more things done. i had to change a few things. i did the welding and paint.
    the motor will sit in the back under the seat. made the triangle for it.
    13626476_10209005745755356_6271350582041052651_n.jpg 13600342_10209005745715355_2254038239581231796_n.jpg 13620318_10209022047602892_3751910536123402151_n.jpg 13690876_10209031888728914_7484222058941921918_n.jpg 13707670_10209058470873451_8443112036810439804_n.jpg