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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Huntington, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Huntington

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    Its time to upgrade my bike project, $500, old 66cc, new rear wheel sprocket disc hub mount. New chepo steel spring MTB front fork, and a rebuild kit lying around.

    I'll be riding 10miles round trip to work/home ½ night/day. Any suggestions as to where to start?
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  2. Alaskavan

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    SBP Shift Kit?
  3. Huntington

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    Yes I want that shift kit, need a bit more power too, I cruse at around 30mph, not the rev limit but close.

    I think I'll use my old frame for now, install the suspension forks I have, rebuild the 66cc, paint frame/motor/gas tank, new rubber/tubes, and clean up the controls with dual break throttle. Add a new carb and shifter kit...

    Should I be replacing my bottom bracket if using the Shift Kit?

    And ya think its worth buying a new engine, is the advertised 80cc even better then my 66cc?

    Will the clutch kit work with SBP Shift kit?
    I'll have to do some reading...

    plain to order:

    -CNS Carb from spooky tooth
    -Shifter Kit from SBP
    -Dual brake throttle (where to order?)
    -Cateye HL-EL820RC Double Shot Pro

    I have:

    -boost bottle
    -66cc boygofast kit
    -MTB style suspension forks (not installed)
    -34 T Sprocket mounted via Disc brake mount pattern
    -Fule Filter
    -Plug Wire
    -Upgraded rear whee, stock front
    -Cateye computer
    -Side mirror

    I want to make a tough bike with good power. Any suggestions?

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  4. Huntington

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    ****, steer tube too short for my bike... I'm going to try and find a good mtb w/suspension fork on CL.
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  6. Huntington

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    silver lining

    Not all bad, the fork not fitting upset me but I'll take it to work this week and and add a 1/2in to the tube. I tore apart my ugly little MB and started stripping the paint, It's about 90% paint free and just about ready to prim, that was something I wanted to do and with no front fork I said why not.

    I went out and bought a Trek 4300, it's a very nice bike, I'm going to ride this one w/o a motor for a while.

    So ... I'm prepping the frame for paint, rebuilding the motor, way over budget ($800 for trek, tow hitch bike rack, and a few Kevlar road tires.) But I am going to take inventory and try to order some motor bike parts tomorrow. I'll take some pics too.

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  7. bikeman6969

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    here is mine

    This is my bike that has.
    ch-80 engine
    sick bike parts shift kit
    Daws Mountain Bike

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  8. alex

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    expansion chamber definitely makes a power difference.
  9. fm2200

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    Huntington Im no expert on this and only bought an 80cc back in Sept 08 and from what I've read many many times on the other forum.And maybe this forum too, is that there is no such thing as a true 80cc it's actually 63 to 67 cc only. BikeGuy Joe and many others have stated this over and over. There are some 50 factories in China making these look a like engines, there not all the same, they appear to be but the spec's vary. So if you already have and you said you do have 66cc, there will be no difference in terms of performance, power whatever term you care to use. If you buy the 80cc you will be disappointed.
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    Remove the governor and it probably has around 17-19 HP. Gobs of torque too!
  12. Ghost0

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    The shift kit will work with the clutch actuator from Creative Engineering. Make sure you tell him that it will be used in conjunction with the Shift Kit. He makes a model specifically for it. If you already have one no problem. You will just need longer bolts to mount the sprocket cover and left bearing plate and an extra 5/8" washer to keep chain alignment correct.

    On the bottom bracket if you have a cartridge style BB then you will need to revert it back to the cup and cone style, I think you can get the retro kit for about $15.
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