Upgraded Kilduff Auto Shifter

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by LR Jerry, Jun 1, 2013.

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    A great system with a novel level of presentation, but for the serious mountain bikeneer i can see the exposed belt drive and centrifugal weights getting caught in general trail leaf material.
    A conventional rear derailleur is bad enough but a spinning o-ring style belt could prove to be the systems weak link, though that issue is easily fixed by enclosing the mechanical componentry.

    As a town bike, it would "look" far more impressive if the components were highlighted with a colourful paint job to focus the eye on the moving parts.
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    In the future I'm going to design a gearbox to drive my LandRider derailleur. This would replace the belt and pulley drive system. I plan to talk with Mr Kilduff to see if he could do the same thing with his shifter.

    Most states in the USA require an automatic transmission system and be under 50 cc. If you live where there's steep hills you need multiple gears with these low powered engines. The autoshifters allow you to have multiple gears with 50 cc and under engines but still be legal.