Ups and Downs of my Commute


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3:43 PM
Feb 19, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Well... I rode my bike to work the other day which is 8 miles away. It was great fun! I had to keep fooling with the choke to keep it happy. No problems on the way to work. Park it in front of the store and lock it to a pole. After an 8 hour shift of compliments and questions I head home. It's running great, I give it some gas and it's going pretty fast down the road and dies all of a sudden... oh $#!& I thought. Tried starting it up with no luck, I pedal it into the light of an apartment complex to find that my custom carb mount failed and the carb came off. No big deal, I brought my tools. Put it back on and I'm home in 5 minutes.
It was a good day! Only problems were some gas leaking from the air filter, and the carb falling off. Come to find out the bowl was a little loose. Tighten everything up, teflon tape where the carb attaches.
The next day I had a long ride. It was probably a bad idea since I am still breaking the engine in. I had to go downtown to drop off some dental paperwork BS for my wisdom teeth, then to work from there. I rode the bike for 15 miles. It took me about 50 minutes or so? It ran so well! I was getting all the usual looks from people walking, waiting for the bus, and riding their regular bike. The ride was uneventful other than where the sidewalk disappears and there is no bike lane on some of these roads.
I get to work just fine and ON TIME! Couple hours later it is lunch time, off to McD on my MB :cool: Think again!
The engine wouldn't turn over :cry: First thought was seized piston or a busted ring from riding it longer than I probably should have. I'm a smart guy and quickly figure out that the clutch is slipping on the compression stroke. Take the clutch cover off and see a lot of clutch dust :-| I didn't pedal the bike at all, was all engine. ANYWAYS I pull out the cellphone and go to MBC and do a search for clutch AND screw AND adjust and I didn't find what I was looking for and was getting frustrated using it on my cellphone. So I just took the screw out and turn the butterfly screw or whatever it is called two notches clockwise. It can turn the engine over again :) Off I go... I get my BigMac just fine, but when I leave the engine is acting weird and making noises I've never heard... Another Oh $#!& moment. Pedal it back to work and worry for the rest of my shift. When I get off at 11pm (yea it's dark now) I install this light kit my co-worker gave to me for cheap and try to start her up, it's turning over, the petcock is open, sounds like no spark. I'm pedaling home now... getting tired already. I can't take it anymore and stop at our sister gas station down the street and check the spark plug cap, wire connections, it all looks good. Then I just have this feeling, disconnect the kill switch it says, after all thats what that button does! With no kill switch she starts up fine! (Time for a toggle switch I guess) After being interrogated again in front of this gas station I motor off in front of a crowd of onlookers :cool: Other than my headlight dying on the rest of the 7 mile ride home it was uneventful. All in all, I'm glad the engine is fine! Lessons are best learned from experience.
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With all the Happy Time problems,that's what draws some of us,for every time we succeed in fixing the problem our knowledge and experience grows.
If you can live 1,000 miles a season on a Happy Time,you are conditioned to live 1,000 miles a season on a more reliable kit,because you come fully prepared.
Yea. My Happy Time has been pretty much trouble free too. A magneto went out. That was about it. Everything else was bicycle related.
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