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    Is it ok to turn a HS engine upside down for bike maint....with the crankcase oil in it:\?

  2. It's generally not a good idea to turn any 4 stroke upside down for an extended period of time, and never run it upside down. You could try it for a few minutes, then when you turn it rightside up again pull the spark plug and see if it's oiled. If the plug remained dry it might be okay. There is a tube that usually runs to the air cleaner to vent the crankcase and valve cover. Oil may run out this tube, so always check the oil level after it's been inverted. Let it sit right side up for at least several minutes before starting.
  3. HS up-side-down?????

    Hi if you want your engine to last, the closer to level it is, for its entire life, the longer it will live.

    Why not turn it upside down AFTER you drain the old oil, and BEFORE you put the new oil in.

    PS if you disconnect the plug wire BEFORE you drain the oil, it is less likely you'll ever try to start it without any oil.

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    , and some not.....:devilish:)

    Good idea on draining oil. I have inverted 4 stroke engines (some deliberately and some not.....:devilish:) without any
    effects other than oozing oil out of various orifices, but draining would solve even than problem.
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    inverted engine

    This guy inverted his engine! Dosen't look like a good idea, I'm sure he is having second thoughts and doesn't think it was a good idea either.

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    I have a weight bench he could have had for 50 bucks. Lots easier than what he is doing. :jester:
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    I hope he has a skid plate inside his pants !!! ;)
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    Probabally a skid mark LOL