Urban Assault Vehicle

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  1. Simon_A

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    Hey all,

    well after a "technical difficulty" with my bike, I decided yesterday morning to rebuilt my ride in a different frame.

    Its based around a mountain bike with all of the extra's.

    66cc Motor
    HD gold chain to a alloy 36 tooth rear sprocket.
    The upgraded performance carb, which is basically a scooter carb.
    Pocketbike expansion exhaust, wrapped.
    Kart fuel filter and lines.
    12V system with red LED downlight for a tail light, and 5W cree LED downlight as the headlight. And a scooter horn using the throttle kill switch button to sound.

    I had a old schwinn webspring springer seat which I tore the side off just collecting dust. It was too good the throw away, and a Gel seat I replaced it with. So I thought I wonder if you can combine the 2. Well yes I did, so its a springer gel seat. Comfy as to sit on.

    The colour scheme came from my idea to make the engine blend in and not be too noticeable, so I originally got a few images of urban camo and made spray masks out of them but it would have taken forever to paint up, so I did my own version. So yesterday morning I sprayed up the frame, engine and exhaust, so they all blend in together.

    Roughly 3 hours yesty and 2 today I have the finished bike.

    All ready for next Sundays,Adelaide MBc Chapter run.

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  2. srdavo

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    Very nice.

    Tough looking Bike!!!
  3. impression

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    this bike is awesome, may i ask, any tips on the paint scheme ?
  4. The Seamus

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    Sweeeeeeeeet! :tt1: I love the look of that thing. I was wondering what you are using as a head and tail light.
  5. fm2200

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    Hi Simon, Very nice looking army styled version, what sort of cruising speed do you get from the 36T. And with all of these non balanced engines at what speed does the vibration become annoying. I have a 40T and I can get up to about 25mph after that the vibration becomes much to noticeable. Wish you well with your bike, be safe mate.
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  6. Simon_A

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    Thanks for the responses guys.

    Ok, Impression, I answered your PM. Basically, for the colouring I got 3 cans of heat proof paint, one white, black, and silver (they didnt have grey).

    Painted it white, they just painted lines and splashes of black, then silver. Finished it with other shots of white , till I got the finished result.

    Its great as if I scratched it fitting everything, I just picked up a can and touched it up.

    For lighting, the downlights you use at home in your ceiling are all 12V. Jaycar electronics in Oz sell LED versions and Cree ones.

    So I fitted a RED LED one in some PVC joins (1 collar and a cap). sealed with engineering adhesive. for the back and the high output cree one for the front.

    Downlights cone normally in 20,30, and 50W output. Much, much brighter than your normal bike lights. And cheap as chips to make. I found the Cree ones and they are insanely bright for their rated power.

    fm2000, vibration is manageable, my old bikes I used rubber to insulate the vibrations, but this one I solid mounted, it is fine. With a suspension front end, and the sprung seat it isnt a issue.
    And it cruises comfortably at 28Mph, with a top speed so far (I havent run it WOT fully to wind it out) of 35Mph.

    I have the carb running very rich at the moment, I am going to tune it this week. That should grab me a substansial boost in top speed. If it runs comfortably at 40Mph thats all I want. I dont need any more speed for my commuting.
  7. bikebum1975

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    Simon mean looking ride you have there love the camo paint scheme always cool
  8. Honda50

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    That's an extremely COOL bike. I like that look.
  9. SirJakesus

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    I don't like many HT bikes but this one has some serious attitude. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Simon_A

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    Well I have tuned the carb this evening. And I am impressed how nicer it is to ride with it properly in tune, its like a different motor.

    And it gave me what I wanted. 40MPH and a bit :)

    Now I am satisfied enough for it to be graced with one of my MBc stickers. I have them in black and white, and for the colour scheme they wouldnt be seen properly, so I put one on my front LHS fork. Every MBc I have built has had MBc markings.

    They work really well too. Everyone comments on my bikes, so they have a link to here.

    I have 1 MBc sticker left. Maybe a chopper next??????
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  11. nadroj

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    nice looking bike where did you get the carburetor and how much did it cost??
  12. impression

    impression Member

    zbox.com.au have the throttle/carby remote choke ect: all in a kit for $65 AUD if that helps

    SimonA shame that it's so hard to find a suitable 36tooth sprocket :(
  13. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Its just finding a supplier with old stock. The one I have for BMX is out of old stock and the newer stock is mostly cut away for weight saving. We dont want weight saving, we want solid ones for strength and ease of converting.

    We ( the Adelaide chapter) have a ride this Sunday. I think we are going through Port Adelaide and there is a market there with a really good bike stall. We may have luck there. if he has any Wangers and I will buy up. He need s new one, and I want a spare for future projects. If there is any more will pick you one up :)
  14. impression

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    if the market guy doesn't come through i'm ordering in one from the states.
  15. impression

    impression Member


    Here's a picture of my bike :) Took inspiration from your bike and made it my own :D

    got a new frame/bike now, lets see how it goes.