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Jan 30, 2019
Nashville TN
I finished my fatbike with a wired light system. 48-12V converter fused input powers it. I kept the Bafang lights for their auto-ON function and what da hell more light.

Heart of the setup is the floodlight box and reflector, inside is horn relay and two flasher relays for turn and hazard. Lamp is four LED rectangle auto accessory interior lights. The top two work as headlamp on handlebar switch OR as a hazard flasher selectable by toggle on rear of floodlamp. Indicator lamps front amber rear red, also ON or hazard flash.

Bottom of headlight split to work with L and R signals, makes it jump out.
Scooter horn under lamp.

Remounted speakers recabled and rewired, looks more integrated. Added 4" to handlebars too.


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Got my brake light switch installed. Now, I have ways to blink lights front and back, makes traffic management so much easier.

A double-flash gets their attention, lets them know I see them, and I can stand up look around, that driver knows I'm looking for a spot THEY can pass.
It instills patience! No more drivers taking it on themselves. Turn signals and brake lights rule!

Now, to finish reworking my motorbike...
When I'm on busy roads I'll ride on shoulders provided they're debris free and wide. When I come to narrow shoulders and/or full of debris I get into the center of the far right lane to establish Lane Control. I then put on my right signal light to let traffic behind me know I intend to get back onto the shoulder when it's safe for me to do so.

I've not encountered any road-rage using this technique