urgent notice

mine aint in there but that aint cool.! if you make a petition or somthin ill sign it.
dude i know i told roland this moring when he woke up and he was like WTF

plus the guy had his picture on the front page and i sent him a email that he was in the wrong

well that pic of the guys face is gone i think his sight will be gone in a week
Contact his web service provider and tell them he's hosting content that isn't his property or public domain. It would have to be the people who run the websites that he's stealing from though. I doubt they would listen to somebody who doesn't have any real proof of ownership. However I know unless edited all digital cameras add in unique identifying information so something as simple as a second picture and the right software could prove your the owner of a specific picture.
What a jerk! That is totally not OK to rip pics like that. I mean it might be ok if he had a link back to where he found them, but totally trying to pass them off as his own is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL.
Plus as we all know there is no such thing as an 80cc HT engine...anyone who sayes that is either a fool or a liar...or both.
i know, well roland knows and is going to knock him up but still come'on have some sence and use your brain

but if he had promission then it would be cool but he had no such thingand if you check out the sights of

craigslist you can see all the kits and bikes he has been posting and craigslist states in the i agree part that if ther is copy infringment that you will be find a some of 3,000-10,000 a day and i bet this guiy has got him self a bill

of a cool mil all ready if i think so he probly put one up in every state and it
says that i was up for like ten days already

so say bye bye to some poor poor poor soul IF HE GETS CAUGHT.