urgent notice

wow i whent to golds for a hr and every one is going after this guy like a dog after his tail

oh well he needs it

this guy is a ***** for doing this takeing other people's credit

come on thats a cheap trick and very low of some one to do
thanks for bringing this to our/my attention turbo :D
I am gonna send this turkey mucho e-mail (hotmail, yahoo, gmail...etc)
he's gonna regret stealing pics
i am gonna pass the message around as well
Want to see something even more interesting ??? This is at the bottom of his site !!

Legal Policy:

Ignorance of these Terms of Service will not be considered a justification for non-applicability of
said Terms of Service. These Terms of Service are subject to change without notice. By using this
Web site, user agrees not to involve Zippy Cycles, LLC in any type of legal action.

Except where diligently implied, absolutely NO part of www.zippycycles.com may be reproduced or
recreated without explicit written permission by agents or operators of www.zippycycles.com and
certified written verification by Notary Public.
From what I can see, this is not like copyright infringement, it is copyright infringement- I am no expert, but based on a case or two I worked on years ago, looks like it to me.

The most cost effective means of dealing with this is what is going on now- word of mouth and criticism from the community.

Next up the ladder would be a "cease and desist" letter to him and his IP.

Next would be a threatened lawsuit, and the next step after that is obvious....costs money though- no law enforcement agency is going to take this on- this is a dispute between private citizens suitable for civil law.

My hunch is that bringing in the IP would be the best and most efficient way of dealing with this.
ok, i got thius message. what do i type back? do i reffer him to this thread?

Hello Friend-

I have taken pictures down for the time since there is
some issue with the valididy of the the pictures.
Please e-mail the picture or pictures that you talk
about for comparision that would be much appriated. So
we can resolve the concern you have. Thank You

Have a wonderful day-