urgent! small bevel wheel instalation help please

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, May 20, 2009.

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    i just goy a new small bevel wheel for my zoom bicycles engine kit, how do i instal it? i got the half meen key in facing down then slid the gear on, i then put on the little spacer washer thing(http://www.zoombicycles.com/eShop/6...e/103-bi-bwwasher-Bevel-Wheel-Washer-2-4.html)

    and then the slot screw thing, i tightened it up but when i went for a ride the litle moon key shot out, im asuming because the screw loosend, anyways cans omeone walk me through the steps of puting the little bevel wheel back on, every washer and every little nook and cranny, thanks guys! does a washer go behind the small bevel wheel also? thanks and mind my spelling im in a hurry!

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    Use blue loctite
    and more importantly use a hammer impact driver to get the nut tight enough
    without screwing up the shallow slot

    That small crank gear is one of the weakest links in the 2 stroke motors along
    with the clutch freewheel bearing/ setup
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    i already used that cold weld epoxy stuff, im hoping it will be perminant as if the gear breaks again i will just get a new motor, this one has no compression. do you think the cold weld gel stuff will be strong enough? it says up to 3000psi on the box, also i used a slot screw driver and a hamer and i hamered the little screw tight
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    well the verdict's in and............... it works!!!

    i was out all day today! i rode all around town and out on the trails. it feels so good to finally get out after sitting for so long. the only problem now is that i will never be able to change the small gear if it breaks. well whatever i got 3000km out of the first gear and i doubt my engine will still be running after another 3000km! i already have bad compression and smoke and a slipping clutch(to much grease?) im definatly happy with my happy time! thanks again guys