US Manufacturing – The Great Comeback No One Will Believe

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Anton, May 7, 2012.

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    Fortunately they're even more crooked and corrupt than we are so compiled with every other bad aspect of doing business with them, it's no wonder business is coming back.
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    America can have all the manufacturing it wants should the people be prepared to work for less than third world wages and living conditions and reduced environmental legislation.

    America can have all the creative and cutting edge technology it wants should the government be prepared to fully fund, high quality, free education, bundled with fully funded research and development facilities.

    America can ramp up it's service and export economy should the government be prepared to significantly devalue the currency with massive quantitative easing.

    It almost sounds too easy:
    1) Does America want to 'work hard'
    2) Does America want to 'work smart'
    3) Does America want to 'work velociously'

    With a 16+ trillion dollar debt (ever increasing by the second), America desperately needs to import the most prudent and astute political leadership in it's history, starting with a completely new political party; quickly taking a razor gang to the defense budget;and likity split redistributing financial resources to comprehensive education, improved health services, sustainable food production and food security and new (clean) energy technologies, independent of global political instability.

    Once those steps have been enacted and the rampant political corruption excised, America can once again restore it's place in the world as leader amongst men of virtue.
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    That for sure will not work.
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    Thanks for the post, very interesting read.

    Yeah, we probably have too many wrong-headed people in government to get back to where we were in the 1950's.

    It's really sad, and it's a much much different world now than it was then...
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    Great article...very promising. Our political systems need to be purged and redirected back on the path the founders of this republic intended. I wonder what they would think of America being so immersed in trading with a communist country.
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    Come on America lets build our own lives! We need the work thats for sure. cause obama isn't doing anything good for the middle class america. thats for sure!
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    both sides of the current American political system are not doing any good for the middle and lower class of America

    Democrats vs Republicans is like a vampire sucking blood out of your leg vs sucking blood out of your arm.
    The end result is the same. For America to be rebuilt; becoming respected again in the global community, a completely new political party is needed which holds true to the values of the founding fathers of the republic.

    But to glimpse what's happening in the political spectrum running your lives:

    "...if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."
    George H.W. Bush - interview 1992

    "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way."
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    "The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy."
    Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
    J. Edgar Hoover

    "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
    Henry Ford

    "The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts."
    Henry Ford