USA MADE Skykomish w/ Speedster 60cc

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I have been luck to find the USA bikes for installs.I replaced all bolts with SAE 1/4" Grade C (8) nuts and allthread. Never had someone come back and say hey I broke a motormount. These are good lil' Runners. I know of one with more miles than my last 2 honda lawn mowers. I match the ports and gasket, bore thesupply needle valve in gas line/carb valve, seal the magneto, make sure the chain dont make no noise, custom fitted the chain guard, alighned brakes.. hey I rode it! Pulled me up my hill..Cool! That'ers the real test they have to pass.

Pour a little earl(2 cycle) through the intakeat an angle to hit the crank bearing tdc piston pull spark plug couple drops at an angle. then breakin.

Break in (16:1)

Let it Idle for 1 min.
Rev slowly to 1/4 throttle (Secret: come down a little slower)
Rev slowly to 1/2 throttle (Secret: come down a little slower)
Rev slowly to 3/4 throttle (Secret: come down a little slower)
slow up to full back down ...the full throttle part is very quick..3/4 bam full back down quickly to 3/4 then real slowly down then let it idle for 4 -5 with the ocasional goosing to a little over half to check my mixture(air/fuel)
*note all this oil tends to lower the ammount of fuel in the fuel/air mixture so I run them fairly Rich on the needle setting to start

This bad boy is ready for a spin!
Yup does goood I dont really recommend straining the engine on hills in breakin but as long as you know its lubed and I've done my Quick before race piston/ring set (the above) Its pretty much good to go youll feel the power difference after the seat. Repeat the above if it still has new 2 stroke blowby.

2 Blue bikes in a row..Cool


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Since this poste I've put new chrome wide cross-bar Handle bars and a Speedo on it.