USA, The south, Georgia... Anyone?

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  1. dudeimarobot

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    Hello all.

    Was checking to see if there was anyone from the southeast US here? Ive seen posts from Alabama and an NC I believe. I am in downtown Atlanta Would really like to meet up with fellow riders and share info. Im a professional bicycle mechanic but just getting into motorizing them. So, who's local?

  2. wheelbender6

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    There is a guy attending Ga Tech that posted a while back. I know there have been a few more. Maybe they will get around to answering you after the Dawgs game.
  3. S.O.G.

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    I live in Gwinnett county, it's only 20 miles from downtown. I'd like find some people close that know a little more than me too, since i'm not to great with motors :p Shoot me a pm or email if you wanna talk specifics.

    -David R.
  4. Neutronbomb

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    I see this post is going on 2 years old.. but I live downtown ATL.
  5. I live in Stockbridge, bout 35 min below Atlanta

    We should organize a ride