Use COPPER COAT yes or no

Nov 14, 2018
The other month it was time for my bikes 1,000 mile maintenance, cleaning of the cly head. I removed the head cleaned and resurfaced it lightly sanded and cleaned the copper head gasket to reuse it again by this time it had been cleaned a couple of times and had started to show signs of surface pitting. So I figured Lets try to use it some more .I'll just spray Copper Coat on it and see how that stuff works. I sprayed it on both sides of the gasket let it dry for 15 min. ( Copper Coat never completely dries it stays tacky ) Slapped it back on, put the head on and off on a 50 mile ride. I got to the 1/2 way point stopped had lunch hung out some I went to start my bike and NO START. I checked for spark, I had spark, I checked for fuel, I had fuel. I noticed the engine turned over more easily. I could push the bike around without holding the compression release. I had lost compression. I wondered why? I had just rode the bike and everything seemed fine I rode there with a strong motor. So whats going on? I inspected the head and no signs of cracks. I called for rescue I took the bike home pulled the head off and I could see a gold color around the edges of the cyl boar. So I pulled the motor took the cyl off and I found that the piston rings had become glued closed. The Copper Coat had oozed down into the cyl boar and gummed up the rings. When the bike cooled off the gum turned to hard glue and glued the rings closed. I wasn't surprised, but I thought I was careful not to spray it on too thick. ( Rookie Mistake ) I cleaned everything up I had to soak the rings over night to get the rings off they were really stuck what a mess. I know I'll never use Copper Coat again. I'll just install a new copper gasket I think I've still got a few. I make my own. Use Copper Coat if ya want but it's not for me.