Use sealant on gasket when remounting carb?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Max-M, Mar 10, 2012.

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    I've removed and cleaned the carb on my Huasheng F142 49cc 4-stroke. Now I'm ready to reinstall it on the engine.

    When remounting the carb onto the engine, should I use any kind of sealant on the gasket (between the carb body and the intake)? The gasket looks good, and it's really quite new. But since the bad idle symptoms that prompted this carb cleaning seem to possibly relate to an air leak (revving super high when the choke is turned on), I'm concerned about getting this little carb reattached with a good seal.


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    I believe in a sealer, my favorite is Indian Head, made by Permatex. Actually I really prefer Aviation Gasket sealer made by them, but the Indian Head comes in a smaller bottle and it has lasted me over 3 years.
    Comes with a dabber in the cap, I cut it off at the cap and use a small paint brush as a applicator, it's much easier and cleaner to work with. Wash out the brush with a solvent (gas works), and you are ready for the next time needed. If not the brush gets hard.
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    I've used hi temp silicone (such as permatex orange) on the carb to intake gasket, and it's worked well.
    I've done this on 2 engines with no problems.
    you only need a THIN film of it on each side of the gasket, or else it will oooze out and create a mess when you tighten the carb.
    Not sure if this is the best thing to use but it works for me.
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    Excellent. Thanks, gents.