Used Whizzer NE motors

Here is a chance to purchase the new Whizzer NE motor cheap! These are factory replacement motors and there are only 5 available. These motors do not have the carburetor or clutch assembly. Most of these motors had small oil leaks [most likely a gasket]and would be very easy to repair. I am not allowed to quote prices on this site, however I will be selling these below my normal dealer cost, and several hundreds below retail. Last week I aquired a few of these motors and sold them in the first hour, if anyone is interested let me know right away.
private sales are one thing, I thought you were doing this as a business...
If I am wrong, I am sorry, but, I did think you were a dealer
you first post stated that you knew you weren't alowed to post prices
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Thanks for responding about pricing. I am in fact an authorized Whizzer dealer, however It is a hobby to me not a business. I was under the impression not to list and sell items for retail as a dealer on this site. Whizzer doesn't want me to market modified or performance parts through my dealership, therefore I offer special parts for sale as an individual. The parts I offer are not parts normally sold through a dealership, I.E. ported cylinders, milled heads, carburetors, flow through muffler inserts, hi lift camshafts, mushroom lifters,etc. I currently hold several speed records, and have modified Whizzer motors to exceed 70 MPH [on dynos], and am willing to share my findings with anyone who asks. When I locate or make special parts I always offer them at reduced prices [not retail] to friends and members of various websites, and most of the time there is little or no profit envolved, just my way of helping other owners modify their bike to do what they want. An example of this is the recent special purchase of used Whizzer NE motors [not available to normal Whizzer dealers] that I offered for $258 below retail price [after shipping costs and labor, there is no profit]. I am considered the leading authority on the new generation Whizzers and write several articles for Whizzer newsletters, and actually know more about the new generation Whizzers than Whizzer USA. Often Whizzer USA consults me for new product testing and evaluation long before the product reaches the marketplace. I am more than happy to pass on information on this site as well as other sites to help Whizzer owners maintain and modify thier motors to fit their needs.
As always, I want to play by the rules and certainly not offend anyone, so please advise me as to the way you want me to post on this site.
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I believe you can offer stuff for sale (with details)
but pricing and negotiations should be through PM
was not trying to center you out or anything, just trying to do my job (volunteer)as moddy
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Quenton, by keeping, or trying to keep, the actual (retail) pricing and negotiations private, we're able to keep this precarious juggling act going...i know it doesn't always seem consistent, we do allow brief mentions here and there. the problem is that since we allow and invite retailers to mingle with consumers (we feel it's a big plus to the movement) we try to hold the retailer to a stricter set of rules than the consumer. believe me, even if you haven't seen an example of my work, we also vigorously protect the sellers of integrity by locking down the mercenaries who hit the board for free i said, it's a juggling act & not perfect, but we believe in the setup's future benefits.

did this help or make it worse?

at one time, we had a forum where sellers were invited to post a brief presentation...we had no takers then, but maybe now...?

this listing as explained by you sounds like a member to member offering, post your price if you please...just conduct transactions in private, and let us know when to edit the thread to reflect "sold" :cool:

one more thing...azkronic was doing exactly what he's here to do (he PM'd me to help clarify) and it was nothing personal.