Using a drill to start a chinese 80cc motorized bike engine


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Jun 3, 2024
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This discussion stone cold ended 3 years ago without the correct answer ever being revealed I am here to tell you I have the answer to using a drill to start your 80cc that works every time, does not strip the magneto nut and is surprisingly easy. Troy Bilt has been installing this press to start (use a drill with a red ratcheting adapter available at the orange box store, the blue box store, but surprisingly not at Ace (in stock anyway). To make this whole thing work you require the 8mm fine to 5 sided (looks like a hex key maker went on holiday) adapter that lives in the pull start of the troy bilt 2 cycle 27cc creatures, any of the push to start ones has the gadget, Remove the magneto nut there is a rather thick washer under there, remove it. replace magneto nut. screw on 8mm-5 sided crankshaft extension fitting, NOW the tricky part. Get some liquid paper and 4 screws that will fit but they are about 3/8 longer than stock to temporarily locate the the magneto cover of the chinese 66/80cc for alignment and drilling of the crankshaft extension fitting that you slathered liquid paper on the end of in the previous step I forgot to mention. When you align the cover on the extension. your white circle will be drawn and you drill a nice 7/16" hole dead center on that circle. remove the temporary screws, put the stock cover screws back in. tighten the magneto cover and bobs yer uncle a fitting suited to drill starting your chinese 66/80 is now sticking out proudly from the magneto cover awaiting your drill.
Ya know, with a center stand and a few cranks or even just a kick, it should start. There is no real need to do all that.

They can be hard to start from full choke to 3/4 choke to open. First kick at full choke should fire right away but won't stay running for long, needs 1/4 more open to really get running, then 1/2 to keep it going, then full open.

My experience with them any ways.
Ya know, with a center stand and a few cranks or even just a kick, it should start. There is no real need to do all that.
Yes, but some people (most people) are stuck in their ways and once they have their mind set on doing something, there's no changing it. So, OP has brought a great option to the table for people who want to drill start their engine, or if you are making an engine on the workbench and want to test fire it. Thanks for the knowledge @cucmeicu