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  1. Zev0

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    This is how to use the rising price of gas the right way.

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  2. starkm32

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    Nice prize.:grin:
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    I like it!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  4. Zev0

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    I got home last night after a hard day at work. The Mrs said she wanted to go someplace expensive. So, I took her to the gas station. :smile:
  5. Simonator

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    Today my local gas station ran out of gas. I asked the clerk how in the hĂȘll did he run out of gas when it cost $4.15 a gallon for 87 octane. He said its because people keep buying it. That is the problem. As long as we keep paying, it will keep going up!!! I paid for it today. But it only cost me $2 and a few pennies to fill my tank :)
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  6. sprocket

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    thinking of putting a sign the back of my motor bike,
  7. starkm32

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    Greed is good.

    "Mission accomplished", George.
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  8. darwin

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    Dont shoot me here. These high gas prices are going to change the way we think and choose to travel and that my friends is a good thing. Weve been sitting on our butts so long that we thought the world would never change for US but now its here and its kicking us in the butt. There is an upside to this and Im all for that.
  9. SirJakesus

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    People are just ****ed they cant waste their money on useless **** like bottled water anymore. I also like the amazing lack of traffic surrounding me full of large dressed up pickup trucks with just one guy driving them down to the store to get a gallon of milk. So americans myopia made them blind to the future as they dug ever deeper into debt to buy toys and overpriced homes to store them now they complain. The only people I feel bad for in this whole situation are people who spend their money responsibly in the first place and are feeling the pinch because of our national ignorance and apathy to world events.
  10. starkm32

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    The up side of the soaring prices of gazz is that (perhaps) peoples' lungs in places like LA in SoCal, and the Big Apple, will be able to G (r) ASP! in less smog, and you can see the hills/skyscrapers. "Look ma, no smog."

    & public transportation will be big business.

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