using other chain with HT motors?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by mastermechanic5, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Im thinking about putting a jackshaft on my bike and using the bicycle freewheel so i have a 5 speed tranny but i was wondeing if i could use a differnt # chain with the HT motor or can i use a diffrent sproket with the chain that comes with the kit i belive its # 415 correct me if im wrong:)


  2. datz510

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    From what I understand, a #41 chain will work:

    Specs for #41:
    ANSI Chain Number 41
    Style Single Strand
    System of Measurement Inch
    Pitch 1/2"
    Material Steel
    Working Load Range 100 - 499 lbs.
    Roller Diameter .306"
    Roller Width 1/4"
    Specifications Met American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  3. I was reading on wikipedia and they said this...

    The first digit(s) indicate the pitch of the chain in eighths of an inch, with the last digit being 0 for standard chain, 1 for lightweight chain, and 5 for bushed chain with no rollers.

    So this means that standerd #40 chain would work with the HT motors and the #415 chain that comes with the kits is lightweight and bushed with no rollers?
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    According to the dimensions listed on mcmaster-carr site, #40 chain has 5/16" wide rollers compared to 1/4" wide rollers on the #41 chain. It also appears that 40 and 41 are available both as roller chain. :confused: I'd be worried that the #40 might be too wide.

    Go check out the mcmaster site. They have cad drawings or at least exact dimensions for all their parts along with detailed specs.
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    Oh wow.. they even have half links on there! I need to order some parts! ;) Thatd be the easiest way to make a chain fit if you're off half a link like I am.
  6. I run #41 chain and have for about 100 miles now and I love it. Much quieter, smoother. It is a bit wider, but I think rides on the sprocket better. I got 10 feet with master link at Tractor Supply Co., and also bought a spring tensioner, and both were less than $25.00
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    Another vote for #41- works great as an engine chain, bu probably too wide if you want to use one chain to run bicycle and engine through.

    The #41 is already 25% stronger than the 415- why use #40?
  8. well its not that i wanted to use #40 chain but i wanted to get my sprokets from and they only sell #40 sprokets really what im wondering is can i use the #415 chain that comes with the kit or #41 chain with that #40 sproket

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    If the #40 sprocket has teeth that are less than 1/4" in thickness , it'll work with the #41 chain. If it has thicker teeth, you will have problems, otherwise its interchangeable. A lot of sprockets are sold as #40/41 sot hey will work with both chains.

    If the #40 sprockets you are looking at have stamped style teeth around 1/8' thick, it will probably also work with the stock 415 chain in addition to 40 and 41 too.
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    I did exactly this yesterday! My total came to about $18.:grin:
  11. I think you will like it. It is a little harder to "break" or shorten, but I did mine with a punch, hammer, and socket. You get the tensioner also?
  12. why dont you just use a chain breaker? :)
  13. I only had one for larger motorcycle chain and it wouldnt fit. The punch/ socket method will allow you to drive pin out without bending side plate so you can slide pin back in and peen over. Handy if you want to shorten or lenghten and need a half link, or dont want multiple (weaker) masterlinks.
    Besides doubt ill need one again...
  14. Crf 80

    I was thinking about this whole bicycle chain and gear thing and i decided not to do it, its just going to be to much of a pain in the ***. Im going to be building a new bike instead i just ordered a CRF 70 4 stoke motor for $80 shipped on ebay its got a clutch and a 4 speed gear box im guna have to do a lot of frame modding but my Mig welder and oxy acetylene torch will back me up ;) And for my current bike i just put a 36t sproket and cut the baffle out which made a world of a difference next comes a new carb and porting?
    I also got a gallon of R/C car nitro fuel sitting around and i might try mixing a little in with my gas ;)