using partial gear assembly from a schwinn

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by zackwyldefan, Feb 16, 2009.

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    hi i have a mountain bike with 21 gears. i dont know the terms so pardon me on that. the gears are divided by 7 and 3 combo that gives total 21 gears. i dont ride that bike much and i was thinking of using the gears from that bike on my chopper bike. problem is my chopper is a coaster and to get the rear gear assmbly on the bike i would have to change the wheel, and loose the whole big chopper tire look. so i was thinking that may be i can just use the three gear thingy from front on pedaling sprockets from schwinn n put em on the chopper. i would have to remove the stock pedal assembly on my chopper. i dont know if this will even work but to have three speed is way better than single speed.

  2. gerbil

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    add some sort of chain tensioner to take up the slack when you change from the larger to smaller chain ring and it would work, depending on a lot of variables of course. your chain line would have to be decent with the cranks on your other bike . the bottom bracket would need to be the same size or you would have to buy an adapter. i'm sure there is more but everything is possible!
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    Derailleur chains are narrower than single speed chains. You would need to match the chainwheel / cog widths.