Using the screw tool


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7:07 PM
Mar 29, 2008
Hi to all,
I have the screw tool.
Does any one know how to take off the fly wheel on Ht motor???
I have looked with the search and haven't come up with much.
I think I can see how it comes off, but I don't want to force anything.
I would rather be sure first...............

I think when I do it I'll have to take some pics and post it, as I can find any here.
I'll have to learn how to post pics to this site as I tried before for other stuff and didn't work.
Thanks Boltsmissing

Thanks Boltsmissing for taking the time to replie and taking the time to explain. I put the new flywheel on Sunday. It's made a world of difference.
Those ball bearings that you also had trouble with, well that was my problem too. When I get our dig camera back I'll take pics of how to do it and I will also take some pics of the main shaft as well as I have a spare one. The thread on one end is a bit Shagged but I only needed the flywheel.
I found that instead of holding the tool with a spaner I use a quality pair of vise grips, much easer to keep it steady whilst tightening the bolt.