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Mar 3, 2020
This is a very special build to me it's the chopper I never got to own you might say.
The motor is a 66cc china doll. Its new and still has to broke in. The bike is a gas tank frame. GTA2. Frame only weighs 8lbs before I started adding everything. Rear wheel is a 26" x 3". front wheel as of now is a 24" x 2"This is a custom chopper I'm building as my daily driver. I'm down by the coast here in texas my elevation is from about sea level to 1300ft
Since covid19 crisis hit money has gotten tight so now is the afro engineering time to use what we have and fabricate anything else that we're able to so I'm working on a way if using a disc brake hub as the jackshaft. I have a 24 tooth that I'm bolting on the left side disc brake holes then on the right-side flange was going to drill and mount a 34 tooth and a 42 from the 36 or 42 tooth a chain will go to the rear wheel which has a 18 tooth 3 speed sturmy archer internally geared 1st gear the wheel only turns 75% of the speed of the 18 tooth sprocket. 2nd gear is direct drive, so the same speed wheel and sprocket then third gear is wheel turns 30% faster than the sprocket. Yes I am thinking of a way to be able to change gears to use both the 42 and 34 that will be bolted to right side flange of jack shaft hub.The cassette since it has the free wheel i was going to remove all the sprockets except for the 13 tooth which a chain will connect to a 44 tooth peddle chain ring. This way when I want to peddle I can but I have the free wheel use when I don't want to peddle and with having the motor sprockets on the flange they will continue powering the rear wheel until you pull in the clutch. I will be honest I don't know much about gear ratios except from motor to hub is 10 to 24 teeth so that's a 2.4 to 1 ratio then you have 34 or 42 teeth to the 18 tooth. Which in 2nd gear being that's it's direct drive you get a ratio of 33 to 18 gives you 1.8 to 1 ratio. Or you can use the 42 to 18 which then is a 2.3 I was figuring I'd start peddling with the gears on the 44 to the 18 in 1st gear so that I get the low end torque and ease of take off when I pop the clutch. Then go to 2nd gear then switch the chain to the 34 tooth and drop to 3rd on the wheel hub. Not sure the ratio at peddling means anything other than how easy it will it won't be to peddle from a dead stop which is a 44 tooth to 13 so I have a 3.38 if anyone has any advice or if I'm really screwing up, give me a yell at or at or shoot me a text to (210)204-8279


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Jun 22, 2007
Does your 3-speed rear hub also have a multi-speed cassette/freewheel?

Will you have 2 chains going to the rear hub?

I believe I answered your other post with the same topic.