UV Led and Phosphorescent Reflector

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    As this would be a great emergency safety device, I'm tossing this out there now without any worry of anyone capitalizing on it.

    If anyone has ever played with the notions of using UV lights and Glow in the Dark Phosphorescent plastics, you will know that UV lights immediately "charge" the plastic, making it incredibly bright, though it doesn't last for long.

    I am in the process of acquiring materials in which to make this, and would like to share it with the MotoredBike community.

    Essentially, it involves replacing the standard LEDs with UV LEDs in a standard reflector light, and replacing the (usually red) reflector with a reflector made of phosphorescent (glow in the dark) material.

    With a proper mold, you can get similar qualities as a standard reflector. This is designed for two reasons. The first is that on more rural roads riding late at night, cars tend to travel far above the speed limit and also are quite spaced out from each other. In the event your batteries die while on a big ride, a passing car from behind will charge (for a short time) the glow in the dark reflector, allowing your once dark bicycle to be seen by the vehicle behind them. The other reason behind this is that a lesser amount of LEDs could be used to illuminate the reflector, allowing batteries to last longer. This is a safety thing though, not intended to be a green thing.

    Of course, this would not be a permanent replacement for standard bicycle lights - it would only be used in cases of emergencies as a backup light system so that you yourself can be seen. Also, this material would prove far less effective in a nighttime lighted city situation, as it would not pierce the ambient street light.

    I am only wanting to get this going for myself, as I am looking a 60 mile daily commute across two towns and everything in between is very rural.

    I would love to hear any suggestions and comments about this, especially if you think there is a way this could be improved. I know that there are countless possibilities, and perhaps even some more effective and efficient possibilities if a clear fluorescent plastic was used in conjunction with the UV LEDs.

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    Is the UV in a Visable Spectrum ?

    Your idea sounds interesting, I question if the UV can be seen in
    Daylight ? The idea of using Glow Paint, and a UV source sounds
    super in theory, but will it produce visible light, that is, more than

    I'd suggest testing the output in a controlled manner,
    Turn on stock LED, measure output with Photo Light Meter
    Test variants to see if they can show higher meter reading,
    under same control conditions. If so, you've got something.

    Visuals are important, a glow in the dark reflector would make
    finding bike at night easier, for sure. To alert cars of your presence,
    you need to reflect * their * light. To keep from hitting big pebbles,
    you need a bright, low mounted light. Due to speed involved, and
    lack of suspension, night riding is Taboo, their not motorcycles.

    Good luck with this idea. The riding community needs better lights.