V 35 , older, wizer, and building 2nd bike

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    A week before joining, I never ' heard ' of a motorbike. I used to have a motorcycle, or two, but stopped riding due to moronmobiles [ cars ] and a strong survival instinct. Years later, I can't afford a Motor Cycle, so I gave up on the concept. A friend was flipping through web pages, and I saw an online vendor for M B parts [ he was looking for ATV parts ] I was impressed with the low cost of a Motor Bike.

    I built ' H 26 ' an 80cc Skyhawk, on an old Huffy Mt. Bike. The finished ? bike ran OK, but vibration was awful. Switching to Kendra Kross tires improved roadability and dampened vibrations, resulting in a ' useful ' vehicle, as opposed to a toy. My biggest gripe about H 26 is * no coaster brake * The combo brake lever is a handful when going down steep hills./ Rather than cut my bike up, I decided to keep it as a ' spare ' and build another one.

    The new bike is a Huffy Cranbrook with Worksman wheels, and a M M hub. Looking at wheels is one thing, hefting them at Pirate Cycle made me a believer. Yes, I have a coaster brake, added Ft + R calipers too. Engine will probably be another Skyhawk [ I like commonality ] The small bits are a wait and see deal, as funds are low. Will post some build photos.

    I'd hate to think what my bike would be like if I * didn't * visit this site.. [ Rag Joint sprocket, knobby tires, at best spoke hungry tensionizer , Leaky Gas Tank, wimpy throttle.
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    Hi V and welcome to Motoredbikes!