V-8, Anyone?

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  1. crazeehorse

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  2. That has been on my "Lotto" list for years now but the seating arrangement is a bit strange. It seems too short because the gas tank seems so high. Make mine about 6 inches longer and stretch and lower the gas tank and it would look better I think.

    Watch this video:


    They say the Boss Hoss lost but look at all the tire shredding smoke it put out.

    With proper traction it would run circles around the Ninja.

    Yes. I NEED one.

    Got 50 grand? :grin:

    And make mine a 502.

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  3. crazeehorse

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    thats just too much motor between my legs, the 50 k would stop me , the weight is over 1100 lbs, it has some sort of special torque converter, so that when you dump the throttle, it does'nt go over on its side , ever seen a v-8 with a broken motor mount, 355 horses is a lot of power
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  5. HoughMade

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    I'm used to it.
  6. crazeehorse

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    really, what model do you have?
  7. ZnsaneRyder

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    How about a V8 bicycle pusher trailer? Just use two car tires for the trailer, and have it push the bicycle! Just 1 cylinder will get you 50mph, imagine 8!

    Some crazy guy might do it. I would if I had a V8 laying around..........:grin:
  8. HoughMade

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    C'mon, don't tell me you didn't get my joke.
  9. crazeehorse

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    thought it might have been a joke, hm, but i know how you lawyers are, you never can tell about ya'll.just think what a contrast from a motorbicycle, to a monstercycle.
  10. RdKryton

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    How about this. I would not ride this at gun point.


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  11. HoughMade

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    Check it out- Whizzer gas tank...that'll about get you to the end of the block.
  12. tpelle

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    I wonder where the radiator is on that puppy?

    It looks to me like the chain drive is taken right off of the flywheel, as I don't see any transmission. I wonder if there is even a clutch?

    There's another outfit that sells a motorcycle that uses a restored Ford Flathead V8 engine mounted longitudinally in the frame, and it just has a clutch and a right-angle gearbox with the drive sprocket mounted on the output of the gearbox - no transmission at all - and chain drive to the rear wheel (or maybe a belt). The old flatheads only made about 65 hp, if I remember correctly, but had enough torque that you just can let the clutch out slowly at idle to get started.
  13. It seems back in the good old days the men had already thought this all up.
    Is that a V8? It's possible.
    I would LOVE to live back at that time.

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  14. KilroyCD

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    Holy smokes! A V-8 Whizzer! With the standard Whizzer tank, I'll bet it had a range of about 5 miles max. I can't see any radiator or exhaust system either!
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  15. s_beaudry

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    That V8 Whizzer has to be nothing more then just a mock up that stayed parked there.

    There is NO cooling system that I can see, that motor would last less then the gas in that tiny tank if you started it w/o a cooling system!
  16. tpelle

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    Actually, if you look at top fuel dragsters, they don't use a radiator either. Such cooling as they get is provided totally by the incoming fuel/air charge of the nitromethane fuel that they burn - but they only run about a total of 4-1/2 to 5 minutes between total rebuilds.

    If this were some sort of drag bike, then the lack of cooling and fuel capacity may have been an acceptable compromise.
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  17. crazeehorse

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    long before there was boss hoss, there was loss hoss. that's what they said after his first and only ride. "we lost hoss", poor guy, that is probably his last smoke, & last living photo.
  18. ozzyu812

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    I remember seeing ads for those in the mid-80's in Super Chevy magazine. There was homebuilt one running around town when I was a teen. The engine was turned 90 degrees of those. Just like RdKryron's pic.
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  19. BSA

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    Them drum brakes in that picture look awful small for an engine that size.

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