v belt sheave rear wheel help/experience

Toby woodman

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Mar 4, 2023
does anyone have any idea about using a rear wheel as a v belt pulley, I plan to use a 26inch wheel attached to the side of another 26inch wheel using the rim brake surfaces. I'm wondering how well a v belt will grip on the inside of a aluminium bike rim. Thanks.
yeah, although I was hoping to get away without wrapping the rim in anything special
People will make rims not made for tubeless, work as tubeless with plain old gorilla tape/duct tape. From what I've seen on the other forum flat belt is used instead of V belt.
Whizzer belt sheave just attaches to the spokes and fits a 1/2" v belt
If they were both aluminum rims you could tig weld them together in a few places. You could first squeeze the narrowest rim for V-belt down in a vise so it would grip better. The problem would be, when you put the tire on it would buldge out on the sides and the belt would drag against the tire. It wouldn't be long before the tire would push the belt out of it's rim.

You really want to mount the V-belt pully closer to the hub where it will clear the tire. But first..........you'll need to figure out the diameter based on engine RPM, the drive pully diameter, wheel circumferance and the speed you're hoping for.

I have seen clutches that have a have a cogged pulley instead of the common ones that use a chain. Cogged belts come in all lengths. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll also find a clutch with a V-belt pulley. Another idea would be forget the clutch all together and design a tensioner wheel to run on the belt that would tighten it up and grip the pulleys making the bike go. This tensioner could be mounted on a pivot and activated by a lever. Like forward and neutral.
i cant get the whizzer belt pulleys in the uk, i planned to use a belt tensioner to tension the belt, I can get some pictures today, the inside of my rim is very deep, it is a single wall mtb rim with a large groove in the centre, I was wondering what belt type to use, I know someone else on a different thread said a grooved v belt, but im not sure how well that will grip.
There was another discussion here about V-belt drives about a month ago. That fellow had all the same issues you will encounter. I hope you have read it. Too bad about not getting a Whizzer sheave into the U.K. You would need to get someone to carry one through customs for you. Otherwise...........you will have to make your own. You will NOT be able to put two same size rims together like I explained above. Find a smaller diameter rim that is vary narrow and attach it to the spokes midpoint on the wheel. To me, this would be a monumental exercise in frustration. Personally I do not like any drive system attached to spokes, but that's just me, I realize many of us are getting away with doing this. If I was trying to design this I would use a MaxTorq clutch driving a sprocket mounted on the disc brake flange. MaxTorq is the only company that I have found that has replacable springs of different sizes which you might need if the lock up RPM is not what you desire. Best wishes going forward Toby