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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by seanhan, Sep 20, 2009.

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    I Was wondering if you can get parts for V-brakes, I am having trouble getting my front brakes to work. One side won't relese after the lever is released. I tried to tighten the little screw for the spring tension, no luck.
    I notices that the piece the tension screw is in is very distorted.
    It's also all plastic.. I saw the bike tutor video for adjusting v-brakes and his part was metal.. Can I replace the plastic ones with metal, or do I have to get a complete brake set ????
    The bike is a Walmart Schwinn Point Beach ..
    Thanks for any info...


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    Plastic eah.....since it's the more important front brake i'de be inclined to buy something new.Something good,u don't have to get anything amazingly amazing.
    Even hard refuse bikes by the side of the road often have good working brakes.
  3. seanhan

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    Yea Plastic

    I saw some v-brake sets online for like $15.00 each that seemed to be good quaily, at least no plastic...
  4. Brakes and wheels are the two places I recomend you don't skimp. Buy the best quality you can afford.
  5. seanhan

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    Got a set of schimino (spelling ) LX V-Brakes and levers today !!!
    Just got done testing them out on the point beach. Man what a difference...
    The stock brakes started to fall apart after a year of engine power..
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    if you are talking about teh lenier style look where they bolt to the frame, release the bolt, and the sprong part will slide out, notice it have a nipple poking out teh back and also pay attention to what hole it is in. then simply replace it in another hole that adds more tention to the spring and reinstall teh bolt and then the cable and that should do it. also if it dont move quite as much as you want you can remove the other one and add slack to it as long as that dosent make it rub on that side