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    Anybody know of a nice little v twin engine on the market for our motorized bicycles?


  2. Yea but will it clear the pedals? (googling extra wide cranks..)
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    I believe this is the vendor that gave alaskavan grief over his exhaust for the trike (he still hasn't got it !!!)
    myself, I would be wary of him :shock:
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    Yes, thanks for the link but I am aware of the lifan engines. They are too big that one in particular is 95 pounds. We need something smaller.
  5. How about a siameese Happy Time? Mate two Happy Time jugs to a shared bottom end. It would give...4 horsepower! That would rule....but it may need a distributor?
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    Unfortunately there is no reason to build a small V twin. All the manufacturers, B&S, Kohler, and the like all start at about 16 HP, and they are pretty big, I have one. I am going to strip it down to the basic block and see how big it is. I was thinking that if I cut off the crank on the flywheel side, close and made a flywheel up on the drive side with an integral sprocket, I wonder how narrow I cold get it. I saw small home made V twin, it was done with two Honda S90's would work perfect but it looked like a lot of work. Have fun Dave
    PS: Another Idea was to use a V twin Compressor block and build some heads!
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    It's not a V, but is a twin, a Maytag 72.

    3/4 hp, but hop it up a little...it would make an awesome vintage look machine.

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    How about plans for a 32CC V-Twin?

    Howell engine.jpg
  9. That's wicked cool.
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    Here's a V-Twin that was at the Nurnberg show. Can't find any specs, but the way the guys are talking about it in the RC cars forums it must be over 32CC.


    It is a nitro engine so must put out way too much HP to be legal in Calif (2 HP limit).
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    Here, you can get plans to make your own 32cc V-twin- only $40...the plans, that is:


    The description actually says this: "Besides just being a nice engine to have and operate, this engine would be great fun on a bicycle..."
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    About 60MPH at full RPM!!!
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    so you think a nitro r/c car engine would work on a bike?
    good luck trying to figure out a chain and sprocket set up that would actually work.
    these little nitro r/c car engines make tons of rpm, but very little torque.
    Think about it, an r/c car on average weighs about 1o pounds.
    A bicycle can weigh up to 70 pounds not including the rider.
    the power to weight ratio would be WAY different.
    besides that, nitro fuel is $40.00 a gallon!
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    Nothing like digging up the dead!!!! from 4/15/08...I think he's way beyond the twin search. Think?
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    yeah lol, i just noticed that the post was originally from 2008....:dunce: