V35 here, told I must introduce myself

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    My handle is V 35 , I wanted to use ' Bert ' [ World's Fastest Indian ] but
    felt I shouldn't, in the movie, a V35 [ Beechcraft Bonanza ] buzzed the
    Bonneville Salt Flats, I knew it was a V35 because of the distinctive tail.
    I live near Worcester Airport, and see lots of Airplanes, hence my fondness for them. I like most things that burn fuel, make noise, and annoy people.
    I consider myself somewhat of a patron of the mechanical arts, always
    willing to help out if I can. My mechanical acomplishments include driving the same car for 23 years, building up numerous bicycles, motorcycles, and other powered items. Saw my first Motor Bike early this past Summer, and
    am awaiting parts for my first build. Spent too many hours researching
    the various kits, decided on a Grubee Skyhawk. and a Clamshell Hub, which I installed, seems to be OK. Once ' the rest ' of my kit arrives I plan to go riding, before it gets ' too cold '

    I'm not a ' Speed Demon ' my kick is reliability. I weigh 200 lbs, so heavy duty is what I'm after. Plan to use bike for pleasure rides, and brief errands.
    Used to ride a Motorcycle, gave up on that after getting bumped by a car, driver had phone in one hand, coffee ? in other. Thought of getting another MC, but saw costs spiraling out of control, haven't flown since 9 11 may do so in some foriegn country someday, but not here. [ Fun's Gone ! ]

    As for the build, I have a couple nagging questions, the idler that came with my kit looks like ****, turns poorly, and weighs too much. I'm considering
    frame mods, but question, do I need them, or do I make do. The idea of
    brazing gussets, as a place to mount Idler, and Luggage rack sounds good,
    yet I feel I'm overreaching. Time will tell. As a Massachusetts resident, I'm concerned about the new laws, Have Gas Bikes been outlawed ?
    The 50cc / Automatic Trans thing sounds too restrictive. There is a
    Beautiful Bike Trail off Rt 146 [ Superconnector ] that never sees any use.

    Hadwen Park [ Worc ] has a sign that says " Motor Bike Riding Prohibited "
    Leave it to Worcester to repave the road, than close it to vehicles.
    Used to test Motorcycles there, and feel cheated by that Aluminum Rectangle . As with Dirt Bikes, the question is where do I ride ?

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    Hi V, welcome to Motoredbikes, one thing I can answer is the chain idler has turned into the spokes for not a few people, so shorten the chain to get rid of it or make it real secure.
    I ride on the street and my bike is now a moped- plate on the back and insured.
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    Are you saying the reactive torque tends to push idler into spokes ?

    The safest way looks like brazing a strap between the chain, and wheelstays

    A troy built snowblower uses a curved, drilled, nylon block to hold chute to ejector housing. Something similar could be bolted to where chain passes guard.

    Thank you for that safety tip, reliability is what I'm after, safety is part of reliability.
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    You're right about the strap between the stays. I've been brazing (or clamping) a strap with a slot on the last few that I worked on. Doesn't even look too bad if thought out and painted to match.