value of a barnfind pacemaker??

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    Hello and thank you in advance for any information you will provide.

    I recently stumbled across a Whizzer Pacemaker, seller says it is a '52. It appears to be complete but has sat(indoors) for 5o years, tires rotting off, assume the engine does not turn over, rusted but not pitted I think, can still see the maroon color and "whizzer" on gas tank.
    I only looked at it for a few moments but I'm going back within the next few days to inspect closer and take some pics, and I am going to do some research before I make an offer.
    I've already come across some conflicting evidence pertaining to the year. I will look for the things to try and determine the exact model/year(serial #, seat mounting, frt fender mounts, what else?). One thing I did notice was the rear of the frame, behind the rear axle, were the flared out style to catch the kick stand.
    My question is what a fair price would be for me to buy it? The initial figure I heard was $2000! I know it's not worth near that much, but how much?
    I know I did not provide enough info to determine an exact price, and I will post more info and pics within the next few days.
    I appreciate your input.