Van Island - BC, 70 cc



Hey people.

Been burning around Nanaimo on my 70cc powerking the last couple of days.

Seems to be going pretty good. Hard not to open up the throttle but those are the rules. Bought some threadlock today for some kit that was rattling off my bike.

I've got an old heavy Norco mountain bike with decent components, replaced the original sproket with a smaller set. Not very fast, but she climbs really nice. Helps out the 70 cc too, as I am 230 lb guy and there are tons of hills in town, especially the one up to where I live.

I bought my kit from John selling them on ebay from Burnaby. Seems like a good guy, I actually picked mine up in person. $220 CDN Taxes IN. He had nothing but good things to say about thatsdacs. He did tell me that his engines are manufactured in a different place than thatsdacs. I think I read a post somewhere discussing the source of these engines.

I'm not a real grease monkey but am good at fixing things and following directions. The kit took me most of my day off to install. Good 3rd party instructions from Gunnar in Florida. Took me a couple of runs to figure out how the throttle works with pedal assist.

I could go on for a while, but I just want to say hi and look forward to being part of this community.

Thanks to all previous posters and valuable info they have divulged.



greetings from a few hrs away!victoria bc here.....good luck and have fun here.


:D hi kremb,
keep us posted on the pk80, i am interested in seeing how it holds up>^..^< you have a picture gallery set up yet?

Good luck and welcome to MBc :) :eek: :cool: :p

Happy motoring...