Vancouver Island

Hi, Pops.
Forgive me but I don't know what "ICBC" is.
In June I'm going to spend 7-10 days on Vancouver Island (including Port Hardy) and am looking forward to exploring on my MB.
I appreciate your help.
Hi Mot
ICBC is provincial insurance. They set the laws for the road here or at the very least control them. If you live here you have to get your insurance from them. What I have read about MB here is that if you have 49cc and less with peddles you still have to get ins. and plates, has to have a full set of lights,turn,brake etc. Try doing a search off your home page for ICBC insurance.It should come up....POPS
Thanks, Pops. I found the site and it looks like I'm all set for taking the MB to VI this summer.
We're taking the camper and planning on spending 7-10 days exploring the northern 2/3s of the island. Do you have any suggestions of where to stay, see or stay away from?
Thanks, Motman.
POPS thank you for the tip on ICBC. So electric bikes are good to go over there for the most part without any formal registration but it looks like gas powered (see no gas powered clause in MAC rules) has to go in the mo ped category which still isn't bad considering and probably where all this is going in the next few years anyway:

To operate a limited-speed motorcycle (also known as a moped):

the vehicle must be registered, licensed and insured for road use
you must have a full privilege driver's licence (any class) or;
have a Class 6 or 8 learner licence
you must wear a helmet
Definition of a limited-speed motorcycle

no more than 50 cubic centimetre engine displacement or 1.5 kilowatt motor rating
does not require clutching or shifting after the drive system is engaged
has a maximum speed on level ground of 70 kilometres per hour
weighs no more than 95 kilograms excluding fuel and batteries
wheels must be 25.4 centimetres in diameter or more

The one thing here is the old automatic transmission clause that keeps popping up in the reg's. Those of us that use a method of running the engine through a gear box and know how efficient that can be will have to do something about getting this changed. Maybe we can raise the type of "lobbying" money that Segway did?

I am thinking of doing some touring on VI myself next year and will have to look in to the complexities of using our bikes over there.
Your welcome, Mot, One good thing about ICBC is you can get insurance for short periods of time, EG:1 week etc. If you have ins. and plates from where you live I think your good to go. I would love to give you some tips on where to go and what to see here but I have only been here for 2 years and have not seen the northern end of the island yet. Look up Victoria BC and you should find the home page for the island which has lots of tips on what to see/do.
Electric is the way to go here. 500 watt and under,no ins., reg.,lic. hassles.
Traffic here is awful. More cars than roads especially during summer months.
There are bike lanes all over the place and bike trails. With 500 watt and under you ARE still allowed to use these. BIG help when traffic is a gridlock.
It can take up to 2 hours to go 10 miles in a car during rush hours. I plan to make a video this spring of a race between a car and MB this spring starting from mile 0 (southern tip of island )to the start of Malahat mountain going north up the only hiway that runs to the northern end of the island. About a 10 mile race. Should be a good video to promote the MBs I plan to sell. As far as the gear system go's I think one can get around that by saying it doe's not HAVE to be shifted (wink) start out in 2 or 3 geat with peddeling or Nuvincie setup. Any way guys I hope you all have a good trip here. Lots to see and do. Look me up when your here and maybe we can go for a rip together....POPS
Thanks for the info Pops and for sure I'll let you know when we get over there and you always have a friend here in Bellingham if you need one also.
No problem Mabman...And you've always got a friend across the pond aswell. Just make shure to give us a heads up before your scooting across so we can free up some time....POPS:boat: