Vancouver WA. to Tucson AR. to search the GhostTowns.


Martin Harris

The Harris Bro's are ready and leaving Saturday for the Trip of our Lives. We are done with the Rain state and need sun to bake out the mold in our Brains. We want to thank Dax for the new lease on life and will be trekkin out certain that these motors will stand the test of travel. If anyone has a good route down there feel free to write with input. Also anyone who is in the SE Arizona area who knows good places to camp. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and look forward to a great future "Ridin Free! MBH & JAH "The Super Tramps.


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holy ---- you guys are serious! i wish i was young again id join ya!! im impressed with your sence of adventure, rock on harris bros!!
Turn down the volume because the banjo is a turn off after awhile. Try to get over to Bodie, CA if at all possible.

For roads that are worth the bother with free camping...if you know what I mean, check out > Forums.

Check this guys blog out Yes he is using a sidecar mounted to a BMW but he is going to out of the way places. Cool pics too.

Without fenders I hope you are running good air filters. Best of luck and please do keep us posted.

EDIT: I gotta BOB too but have just used it for far. Carry a spare 16" tube because they are not as easy to come by as 20 or 26" tubes.
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I've been away for awhile, and just now am seeing this. i cant give you a place to crash overnight here in Tucson...but you're welcome to a hot meal and hot shower/laundry, if you'd like. let me know.
You know, I don't think I've ever said much about traveling by motoredbike in the past, but after seeing your picture and how you're all ready to go, it compels me to write!

I think that would be the adventure of a lifetime, and I think it's something everyone should do at least once (and here I sit, not having any plans to do something like this in the near future, but hey, let me say my piece). You see, to me, the idea comes across as surreal and dreamlike, and throws me in a state of wonder and amazement at those who actually take that step.

Good luck, you guys, and to all those who take on the incredible responsibility and quest of traveling by motoredbike!!
Oh Man! How fun would that be! Make sure to give us a detailed account of the journey and good luck! If you swing through Jefferson, Oregon (near Salem) I'll give you a hot meal and send you on your way.