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    In the beginning there was one, now there are two, cylinders that is. Just thought many Whizzer owners & collectors would enjoy seeing a twin cylinder Whizzer.

    Kenny Thomas has a Whizzer with twin motors mounted side by side and is named "Double Whiz".

    Roger Brophy owns a twin motored Whizzer called "Double Vision" and set a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

    Both Kenny & Roger used vintage Whizzer motors.

    Ron Dow designed & built a twin engine powered Whizzer [still un-named], and thanks to Terry McAllister & Ron Dow I now own it [thanks again Terry & Ron].

    Ron Dow also designed & built the twin cylinder Whizzer named "Veezer" [or "Vezzer"]. Considering the monumental feat of building the custom crankcase, the camshaft [I think Kenny Thomas helped with the camshaft, but not sure], crankshaft to support 2 rods, double ignition, and twin carburetors, the "Veezer" had to be much harder to build.

    The Twin Whizzer powered motorbike in my possession and the “Veezer” use the new edition motors, well at least most of the “Veezer” is new edition parts.

    The "Veezer" is now the proud possession of Terry McAllister [the well known Whizzer collector and inspiration behind the famous Whizzer Newsletter] in Illinois.

    Ron Dow is now working on his latest Whizzer project, Turbo charged [see post on this site for more information], and who knows what he may do to the next Whizzer motor in the future [can’t wait to see his next ideas].

    I have seen and heard the "Veezer" run many times over the last couple of years, and I can testify, it is certainly "one of a kind". The sound of the twin cylinder wonder is fascinating to say the least. It starts easily and idles smoothly, and is down right cool. It is always a “show stopper” everywhere it is displayed including this year at the biggest motorbike event in the USA, Portland, IN. Many attendees at Portland were amazed at how well the “Veezer” started and ran, and I was thrilled every time Terry started it [just love the sound of the motor].

    Hope everyone enjoys this masterpiece.

    Have fun,

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    Sweet! You gotta love that Yankee ingenuity