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  1. psuggmog

    psuggmog Guest

    After reading the post on the attrative sidecar bike, I decided to show a few picts of a three-wheeler I put together this fall. At this point it doesn't have a motor yet. The frame is one made in india which I picked up at a scrap metal yard about ten years ago. The fork is off an english bike which most closely matched the remenants of the original fork. I had to cut down and extend the threads on the steering tube. The left rear wheel is attached tightly to the rear axle. The right rear wheel has hub bearing in addition to the axle bearings. These bearings had desinigrated on this bike and I couldn't find any repacements. The axle diameter is 5/8" I machined new bearing out delrin. I put a wood flatbed on top of the rear basket. Installed a mountain bike rack on the front(not yet installed at the time of these pictures). After riding it off road hauling straw in a pasture, I plan to build a new rear subframe to lengthen the wheelbase to improve the stability and weight distribution. The load in the pictures weighed 120 pounds. This trike is a singlespeed for now.

  2. istbenz

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    nice. definitely needs an engine! :cool:
  3. Cookie

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    Psug.....I have a rickshaw and am going to try to put a motor on it this summer any ideas ???? I was thinking of a Honda friction grip on the frt tire rather than a chain drive .
    :? :? :? :? :?
  4. bamabikeguy

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    Like the vulture in the tree, I've been patiently waiting for a Coloradan to post a map in "Travels" so I could post the "coolest bike I saw in Denver" pix. The "rickshaw" comment looks like an opportunity to pounce on roadkill.....



    Oriental Theater is on one side of the resturaunt, and a rare "run by cool folks" bikeshop is one block west.....
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  5. etheric

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    Looks very pretty, but quite unused.
  6. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    YUP that is it except mine also has the lever hand break and is in burgandy :) I had to drive to Ga to pick that thing up and that was a long drive but the price was right and it had only been ridden in the guys driveway it was way cool.

  7. gone_fishin

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    bama', i'll split that pavement-platter with ya 8)

    the original san diego pedal taxi site, click the pic:
    i'm thinking front belt-drive & auto-pilot oughta do it 8)
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  8. Cookie

    Cookie Guest this is a Denver Co. but can you thing how much fun it would be to run a rickshaw in the summer along the beach and u guys would love the beach bunnies hopping in and out of the cab lol and you could be getting paid for riding the bike on nice days + getting paid to have advertising on ur bike.....they are putting a BASS PRO shop here in town and we want to get the rickshaw up and running to take the tourist back and forth to the antique village $$

  9. bird

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    rideing down the beach would be pretty easy on this with the fatto tires. i need to get a better pic of it.
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  10. Wheels

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    Cool Pics, trikes looks pretty vesatile, anyone ever see the motortrike/gygsy wagon in La Strada?

  11. psuggmog

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    cookie said"Psug.....I have a rickshaw and am going to try to put a motor on it this summer any ideas ???? I was thinking of a Honda friction grip on the frt tire rather than a chain drive . "
    I finally found the picture I had of a motorized pedicab. here's the picture

  12. Now thats a cool Petty Cab
  13. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Not really a cab, it's more like the "short buscycle".

    Thanks to LF for finding the picture.

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  14. ARP3

    ARP3 New Member

    My Pedicab/Rickshaw

    This just happens to be my Rickshaw.
    I posted this picture 10 plus years ago.
    I was just searching to see if anyone one else had one..

    It is pretty close to original except for the engine.
    It was replaced with a 1970s Brigs and Stratton.
    I still own it to this day and looks and runs just as good.

    Also I have not been able to find one like it.
  15. APP3

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    Be leave it or not this I my Rickshaw....