Vendor Dissatisfaction



I'm venting because I have been disappointed by a vendor recently over the course of 3 purchases. He has resolved 2 of the 3 order discrepencies and I gave up over the 3rd one because I got lazy and decided not to bother. I will not post his business name and am posting this thread only to vent my frustrations. If curiosity is killing you, I would be happy to share the business name in private.

Issues I have had over the past month w/ 3 separate orders.
1. New cylinder head had broken fin. Repaired with JB weld.
2. Gas tank scratched. Repaired with touchup paint.
3. 2 engine gasket kits ordered which shipped with 4 exhaust gaskets instead of 2 intake and 2 exhaust gaskets. Hand made intake gaskets as a remedy.
4. Order missing several items such as new 415 chain and intake manifold assembly. Contacted vendor and items are on their way.

For issues that I raised, the vendor made things right. However, making things right is never the same as doing it right the first time.

I'm done are now returned to your regularly scheduled programming.
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