Clutch Vendor for clutch housings to fit small 2 strokes...

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    Hi all,

    While I'm waiting for my GEBE kit to arrive (they are really backed up), I purchased the engine in pics below.

    I got the thing new off ebay (my favorite place) and just need a clutch/bell housing assy that will fit. I don't have the size yet... awaiting possession... but would like to find a couple of vendors that I can peruse in the meantime.

    I could probably make the housing assy but still would need the bell.

    Can anyone suggest a couple of vendors that stock lots of standard clutch parts??? This one is 25.6 cc's (I think). It's made in Taiwan.

    Thank you!


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    I'm sure people with more GEBE knowledge than I will chime in here, but I think the GEBE kit should be all you need to make the engine work. How did you order a kit if you don't know the size of the clutch? Don't they make the kits in two sizes for either 52mm clutches or 76mm clutches. The GEBE housing should bolt/mount directly to your motor assuming you ordered the right size clutch bell? Isn't item G in the photo at the link the housing you are asking about? Perhaps Augi who is a rep. for GEBE will have some input.

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  3. rossfree

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    Thanks for the reply Ocscully,

    You misunderstand...

    I bought a Motor kit from GEBE (with motor). I'm waiting for that to come in.

    Meanwhile, I saw this motor on Ebay and got it for $35.

    I'd rather not spend the $330 for an entire kit for this new motor. I'd kinda like to piddle with it myself and see if I can't get it fitted to a smaller bike with a few pieces parts I havel lying around. But... I need a clutch housing and want to know what my alternatives are.

    I may wind up just buying the motorless kit from GEBE anyway... but right now I'm stretched thin on cash.

    Sooo... if anyone out there knows where the clutch housing Gods are keeping their stash please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    try bladz, you might need to call. mitch
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    so that's a what? honda copy? yer 2nd attachment isn't working for me. being a 25, i guess you have the smaller of the clutch sizes. i'm also guessing you might find some standards are a bit off here & there, be careful when shopping for your components.

    what gebe kit do you have coming?

    when you get your kit, see if the tank-bottom on that ebay engine will clear the mounting-strap. you'll know what i mean when you have the parts.

    other options, chain or friction.

    to cobble one together, you'll have to decide which side of the bike the engine will sit on, which direction of rotation gets you where you wanna go, then you can browse pocketbike & powercart suppliers for PTO's (clutch-housings and other stuff)...also, check with dax to see if his PTO will do it, that might save you some looking around. PTO's like that one reverse rotation, maybe you can find the direct-drive style also. try the friction drive guys for a quick roller score, maybe DE or Staton sells the housing only?
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    Now that I understand better I can provide you some sources First is Staton-Inc There products are first rate and I believe all made in the USA

    Second is Viza Motors There set up will probably be cheaper but you have to be sure that you get all the parts as everything is AlaCarte

    Third would be GEBE maybe they will sell you just the housing and clutch bell. My best guess at this point based on your photos is that the clutch on the engine shown is a 52mm? But its only a guess.

  7. rossfree

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    Just what I was looking for.

    Thank you!