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  1. you guys really need to chill with the specific section stuff... i dont see the point. and to be honest your site is a little tough for me to navigate. so i dont always understand what to write where...

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    OK....First, we try to keep everything in one place. Second, It is never wise to open threads that bash vendors, we have a review section for that. If we did not enforce this then the site would be over run with arguments about vendors.

    The site is not hard to navigate. All you have to do is read. There is even a stickie with links to all of the different vendor reviews.

    If you have problems navigating the site....then ASK! We are here to help. I would rather help than have a member disrespect a Moderator and tell him to chill out. Review the rules.

    Since you said you have problems, here is the link to kings review: Place you vote in the poll, and post about your experience. There is no chit chat in that forum and I strongly encourage you to read the rules.

    In the not disrespect the staff. We have a tough time cleaning the site up after people and are always running behind. It makes it worse when we have to address a problem. (It would be easier to just hand out infractions, but contrary to what others say we try not to do that.)