Vendors: PLEASE READ - Vendor Rules


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Aug 4, 2006
Vendor Rules

1. Vendors may not promote their products on the forum. (With the exception of the Vendor Area - see below.)

Vendors may mention their products outside of the vendor area when:

A. They are specifically asked. "Specifically asked" means a member asked a question about your product. For example:

MBc Member said:
I need help installing my new part from Bob's Engines!

You may respond to this with technical assistance. DO NOT USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SELL. You will be given an infraction for trying to sell, so watch what you say. A good guideline would be to ask yourself the question "How would you respond if it was a private conversation?".

If the thread topic is:

MBc Member said:
I found this bike part at Amazon for $12.99!

If you carry the exact same product, but for a lower price, you may add to the conversation by saying that you carry the exact same product but for a lower price. This is allowed because you are furthering the thread's usefulness while remaining within the original poster's intended content (cheapest place to buy a particular part).

If the question is:

MBc Member said:
Where can I buy an engine kit for under $120?

YOU MAY NOT TRY TO SELL. Feel free to respond, but mentioning your company or products is not allowed. Simply rely on other neutral members to mention your product. Even saying so much as "Send me a PM" is not allowed.

B. Your product happens to come up as part of the discussion.

If, for example, you are building a bike and mentioning the parts you use, and one of them is your product, simply mention it as part of the overall post. Stay objective and don't try to show off your product.

If the intent of the thread is to show off your product, the thread belongs in the Vendor Area. This includes photo albums! No selling by creating a photo album!

2. Vendors may not use their signature as a method of selling.

Use your signature to list your affiliations, but no selling terms are allowed in your signature.

Here are unacceptable signatures:
Authorized Gizmo Dealer!
Engine kits, sprockets, parts, accessories, service and more.

This is acceptable:

All live signature links must be reciprocated! Any commercial link in your signature must include a reciprocal link to from your site. This is to help prevent spammers from posting in order to get more backlinks.

3. Vendors may not bash competitors.

Vendors must not discuss other products with the intent of making theirs look better. STAY OBJECTIVE!​


You may sponsor the forum and we will display your banner on the left hand side of the forum. To sign up go here:

Perks of sponsors:
  • The custom title "MBc Sponsoring Vendor"
You may make product announcements and start build threads in the vendor area, showing off your product and letting members know about your discounts.

You may not bump your threads for the sake of bumping them, and you may not start unnecessary threads. (Please don't spam this area or you may lose your privileges.)

Registered vendors may still receive infractions for not following the rules. There is no special treatment or consideration because you are a sponsor.

Vendor Suggestions

  • Be a contributing forum member - help answer member questions without mentioning your products.
  • Do not mention your product anywhere outside the Vendor Area forum.
  • Do not discuss other vendors or their products at all.
  • Do not get into arguments or "flame wars" with other members - always "play nice" with the other members.
  • Provide a link back to from your website to show your support and appreciation of our community.

If you try to follow all these suggestions and abide by the rules, we can develop a working, win-win, sustainable relationship that can be an asset to both you and the community.


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Aug 4, 2006
A vendor asked some clarification on Rule #1:

Its acceptable to mention your products in your responses to other members, but remember to be completely unbiased. As long as you are focused on helping people with the best possible answer, its not a crime to mention your products. We simply don't want people answering questions just to advertise their products.

If you do mention your products, mentioning alternatives without subjective comments can help prevent people from thinking you are spamming.

Here is an example question:

Where can I get a new gas tank?

Here is an unacceptable vendor answer:

You can get them from my website:
Your motive for answering the question is obvious... You are clearly trying to get this person to buy from you.

Here is a better vendor answer:

You can get them from Bob's website:, send an email to Jim:, look in your local auto parts store or get one from my website:
You are showing this person and anyone else who sees this thread that there are several options as to where you can get what they are looking for without saying that yours is superior. Providing a thorough list of alternatives is adding value to the community.

If you are unsure about whether or not mentioning your products will be acceptable, play it safe and don't mention them at all.


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Apr 20, 2008
tom, thank you for this clarification.

if i may (delete if you want) i'd like to show how i answer questions...

in this topic, a new arrival has some questions about quality, i gave some generic answers:

in this topic, the issue of legality came up, i am qualified to give experienced info, so i did...there was no need to mention "my" product, in fact i was clear that there is more than one choice:

other than that, i avoid topics about other products, unless i see "mine" mentioned specifically, usually this is when i see someone giving advice about my offering that is just plain wrong.

when i am asked about my product, i go for it, but still discuss pricing discretely.

if i absolutely can't resist saying something that may be borderline, i will remove my signature with the commercial link.

i also roam the forums, giving what i feel are helpful answers about safety and bicycle work...i feel that if you want someone's business, you should demonstrate yourself as worthy of it.

when i was helping to build this place, we learned that anyone who just shows up to take advantage of traffic, and only-sell & never-help, is usually not worthy of your business. in all fairness, tho, we accepted them but corraled them into strict rules of conduct. this practice has since been improved upon by the new staff, by providing a "free" spot to advertise.

i'm not afraid of competition, but a few of us provide financial support to the community. we earn our exposure thru support and community involvement...fair is fair...if ya wanna play, ya gotta pay :cool:

is this ok? i hope i said, please delete it if you'd like.
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Snake Bite

Jul 8, 2008
Writing To Say I have read this Message.. and Rules are Rules.. Thanks DK/Helmutt Cycles..
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Aug 8, 2008
got it . thanks . good rules makes for a good forum . one question . on my home page . what about that ? can i talk about my products ? things i'm working on , any specials i might have stuff like that . or just in the vendor area,
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Apr 24, 2007
i dont want to be banned for god's sakes, but you can remove my vendor status anytime.
thanks. :)

the wheelmaster

Read and understood, I will let the forum members mention me, and only respond in a neutral way, mentioning other brands and options for peoples questions rather than pushing my own agenda ! I will tread lightly.... I do NOT want to lose my membership, I also have a link on my website, I'm not sure I can afford 10$ a month so I will merely stop responding with my company name in my posts and just give wheel advise, hope this works out..... Jim...........