Venice Board Track Racer

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  1. Here's my first attempt at building a boardie. It's a 1955 Schwinn Panther. (It was the Voodoo Chopper on my website, but I wanted to change it! )
    The bike is still in the building stage, & there's still lots of work I have to do on it, (like weld the pipe, weld a custom seat post & lace up a front disc brake... ) but I think it will be ready in time for the March 7th beach ride!!

    Big props to Pat Dolan for the custom made stainless steel tank!! (Your tanks are awesome bro!!)

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  2. cwucat42

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    That is a sweet tank! Not to mention the entire bike, Dog!
  3. Nice exhaust , I like that little muffler too .
  4. The exaust is from Sick Bike Parts. check 'em out!
  5. azbill

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    that tank makes the bike Norm,,,looks really cool :)
  6. Dr. Doom

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    With the tank and the exhaust where did you get the idea? I mean like i thought of stuff like that, but did you buy it? Make it!? Even the front fork wowww:idea:
  7. I finally finished it; Here it is...
    I've done a lot to it since I last posted pics.
    I installed a small 'Lucky 7' front sprocket & lowered the engine in the frame; I made a better pipe hanger, & I finally laced in the front hub & installed one of my front disc brakes. (& I installed a new engine...)
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  8. professor

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    That is right up there with the best designs I have seen here, real nice!
  9. Drunkskunk

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    That is one Sick, Slick Trick Bike!
  10. chefdouglas

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    Clean lines, beautiful tank, I like the cdi going to the back not front.
    Top notch!!!
  11. Drunkskunk

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    Any chance you have a few extra of those tanks laying around for sale?
  12. retromike3

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    Were did you pick up that fork? how well does it work?

    mike frye
  13. I sell those forks, they are Monark reproductions.