Venice Chopper Project

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  1. Here's another project I'm working on.
    I got the engine & pipe installed today... Next is the gas tank!

    Here's some pics of the custom 'double wide' rear wheel...

  2. yoothgeye

    yoothgeye New Member

    That's quite a lacing job... do the spokes hols the rims together? Is that a regular width tire stretched between the two rims with a normal tube?
  3. TwoStroke

    TwoStroke New Member

    very cool
  4. The spokes hold the two rims together & the rims are welded just to be sure!
    Yes, it's a regular tire stretched over the two rims with two inner tubes. :D
  5. yoothgeye

    yoothgeye New Member

    Two inner tubes... ahhh... So with 72 spokes where did the hub come from?
  6. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    ever look at lowrider bikes with 72 and 144 fan spoke rims?[not too hard to find them.looks like he might have cut and lenthend the hub and spoked and dished the rims himself
  7. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    Quite simply....A beautiful Bike!!!!!