Venice Rat Rod Lowrider #2

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  1. I've been working on this one for the last month... It's a new & improved Rat Rod Lowrider that I'm building for one of the members of this forum.
    As many of you know from the 1st Biker Build off contest (on the other forum), it started life as a bone stock Felt El Guapo cruiser... Then I chopped & dropped it!
    This one's way better than the first! (I learned a lot from the first one.)
    I'll post more pics as I finish it.
    If anyones interested in one of these, I build 'em for $2500.

  2. yoothgeye

    yoothgeye New Member

    Got any photos with the crank chain attached?
  3. lucas

    lucas Member

    I think me knees would be in my chin riding that.
  4. super dave

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    i really like your stuff, very nice bikes, looks so cool with big apes on it. i have just finished my own custom build. how do you feel this bike rides with the raked out front end ??
  5. It's a real 'squirly' ride with that fork & the apes!

    Here's some pics I took just before it was finished... "yes" the pedal chain clears the side of the engine. ;)
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  6. yoothgeye

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    Now a picture with someone sitting on it with their feet on the pedals. (o: