Venice Rat Rod Lowrider

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  1. Here's my Felt, 'Rat Rod Lowrider' that I built for a 'Biker Build Off' contest.
    The contest ended with this bike in a tie for first place!

    It started life as a stock Felt El Guapo cruiser, then I chopped it up!
    I did everything myself, including cutting & welding the frame, exaust, in frame gas tank & re-lacing a 26" front wheel for my disc brake set.
    The engine is offset 9/16" for tire/ chain clearance.

    These are the before & after pics...


  2. edrock

    edrock New Member

    That looks amazing!! I too am planning on converting my felt frame into a in frame gas tank. What did you end up using for the gas cap? How did you plug the holes in the top tube?

    Thank you
  3. Catfishjohn

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    Pretty awesome looking bike. Good job!
  4. To cover the holes, I used JB Weld & covered it with tape until it dried... Then I used Kream tank liner to line the tank with 8 coats!
    I used a brass hose fitting for the cap & filler & welded a stock outlet tube to the frame...
  5. super dave

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    very cool ride, have you riden the bike and how is it to ride ??

  6. Yep, I put about 80 miles on it before i sold it.
    It runs great & has lots of power, but it's a little uncomfortable on long rides because of how low the seat is. (It was built to be a show winner... comfort took a back seat!) :whistling: :jester: